Italian cycling clothing brands

Italy has proven itself to be a country that steams with innovation and excellent style. No wonder there are so many Italian brands that become globally known. Cycling apparel brands are no exception.

While cycling it is very important to not only look good but also feel good. Comfort is the key to a great time – either you’re riding competitively or for your own fun. 

In this article we have compiled a few of the best Italian cycling clothing brands so you can learn a little bit more about them.

De Marchi Cycling

de marchi cyling

Our first brand is De Marchi. It has a rich and long history that goes all the way back to 1946. Firstly, the Maglificio Sportivo De Marchi, a sports hosiery shop was established in the nearby city of Conegliano to cater hand-made apparel to the local sports community. Who would’ve thought that now they would have a huge online store that sells all kinds of sports apparel.

Not even 10 years later the brand has its own winner. Fausto Coppi wins the World Cycling Championships in Lugano and wears a rainbow jersey made by De Marchi. It obviously gives the brand much needed and deserved popularity that was the beginning of everything.

De Marchi started to work on their innovations by filing an International patent for Air-Control. The first air-inflatable chamois ever back in 1992 as well as developing the first windproof jersey in 1993.

Today De Marchi online store has everything you could ever need for a successful cycling season.

3T Cycling


The next brand is 3T Cycling which is one of the most popular ones featured in this article. They have almost half a million supporters over social media. The brand is great at not only creating a wide range of high quality products but also communicating to their followers with fun blog posts.

The 3T Cycling brand was founded in 1961 so it has had a long way to go until all this success. Nowadays their online store is fully thriving and offering their customers all sorts of products. Starting from bikes and bike parts all the way to clothing, sports gear and different accessories. 

Their mission is not quantity but rather quality. If they want to offer a certain category to their clients, they will make sure it is a good one. For example, if it’s clothing, they will make absolutely sure that their brand is being represented in the way that suits their values – comfortable and durable.

Castelli Cycling


Castelli is an Italian cycling apparel brand that’s roots go all the way back to 1876, which makes the brand more than 150 years old. However the first official cycling clothing was made in the 1910s for the popular world champion Alfredo Binda. That is the beginning of everything because, as you can imagine, the brand got more and more known since this moment.

In 1945 the brand started gaining some high profile clients and professionals. In 1977 the brand invented the world’s first aerodynamic Lycra shorts used in racing. Soon enough they started inventing and creating women’s clothing as well.

The Castelli brand is a real life success because it is now known all over the world. The brand has a huge online store that offers sports apparel to both men and women. And the innovation hasn’t stopped. In 2010 they started using nano technology which helps their products be more breathable and comfortable. All the best is yet to come!

This brand was also featured in the article Best brands in orienteering which only proves that it’s apparel can be used for other sports too.

Giordana Cycling

giordana cycling

Our next chosen brand is Giordana cycling – made for cyclists by cyclists. They believe that in order to create and sell the product, you have to be familiar with what’s needed for the client. And who knows better what a cyclist needs than another cyclist?

The founders of the brand are a family with proud Italian heritage that is central to their core values and culture. They are driven by the belief that there will always be something new around the next corner so they want to be there to see it and create something yet unseen. Giordana cycling brand’s goal is to empower every rider to reach new heights and stay motivated during the whole ride.

Besides having new collections regularly to make their clients happy and gain new ones, they also care about the planet. We like a sustainable and socially responsible brand. When you wear Giordana, you know that not only are you riding in pro-level premium materials, but you are also doing things the right way for our planet.

Santini Cycling


A cycling apparel brand Santini Cycling is one of the most popular ones since they have more than 100 thousand supporters over social media. Santini’s history however is full of word firsts – these are important steps that consistently reinforce their dedication to creating the finest clothing possible, all of it, of course, handmade in Italy.

The brand made the decision to specialise in cycling apparel back in 1965 although the brand was already active before that. So yet again – a brand with a rich and long history that over the years has become very successful.

Santini is no stranger to innovation since every other year since the 1970s they have created a new piece or upped their technology game. From antibacterial synthetic fabric chamois and ‘silk’ Polyamide jersey fabrics to boost aerodynamic efficiency all the way to windproof, waterproof, and breathable Epic nanotechnology fabric as well as eco friendly production.

Now they have a huge online store with apparel for both men and women, as well as exclusive collections available to everybody.

Ale Cycling

ale brand

As the brand Ale Cycling says themselves, their ride started more than thirty years ago. The experience of APG Cycling, who has known the road a long time, joined the courage and audacity of young riders who want to break from the group. They support those who want to do great things and through passion reach all the goals possible.

Cycling is not Ale’s job, it’s their passion which is super important for the brand that wants to reach high mountains. Quoting the bran – We know legs and hands are not enough: heart is needed. For that reason the brand does their job just like the cycling process, it might not be easy but they give it their all.

Brand admits that success never happens by chance because you have to want good things for yourself and others. And by wanting more, you soon enough start needing more and therefore developing a great business. Ale’s labs are constantly in search of new and innovative materials and solutions, as well as the insights of stylists and professionals to give their clients the best possible.

La Passione Cycling

la passione

Through the brand’s name La Passione they not only tell the world their name, but they also define the way they feel towards cycling. Passion is the most important thing when it comes to creating a product that will make clients feel confident and worthy of victory.

When the brand plans their collections they first visualize the journey. They say it does not matter how long it is or what the destination is. Or for that matter what they have at heart the most is to be able to experience all the potential beauty. That is the message they want their clients to reach through their clothing and sports apparel. 

La Passione has no middle man, because they value the true connection between the creators and clients. They create amazing quality apparel that can be affordable for everybody who would want it. The brand is also very open about their values, mission and even behind the scenes of creating their products.

Premium quality at a fair price. What else could you want, right?

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