Inov-8 trail running shoes – best in their class

We like creating articles about brands that are sustainable and create meaningful and efficient products. One of these brands is also the Inov-8.

The brand Inov-8 has a wide range of products for trail running and athletes, especially shoes. These are products made for those who aren’t afraid to reach the highest point of success, while possibly getting dirty. As the brand’s motto says, they don’t follow others, they carve their own way.

In this article we’ve gathered interesting info about the brand as well as some of their most popular products. Check it out!

About Inov-8

Inov-8 trail running shoes

The topic of today’s article is a brand called Inov-8. They are a footwear, clothing and equipment brand for committed trail and off-road runners as well as fitness athletes and adventure-seeking hikers. They make equipment and clothing for anyone who is ready to fully push their boundaries and stretch limits.

It’s a brand that will motivate you with their products. The aim of the brand is to help anyone,  who truly wants it, lead an active lifestyle. It’s more than just running on trails and hitting a target. It is a lifestyle that will be that much easier and more efficient if you’re equipped with the right brand.

Since the Inov-8 brand was founded in 2003 by Wayne Edy, it has been renowned as a world leader when it comes to the grip. The brand lives by the philosophy, and I quote ‘’that an athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products’’. 

They don’t follow, they carve their own way

Inov-8 trail running shoes

In the later years of the brand’s evolution, they have mastered their skills and perfected them with creating some of the most amazing shoes in the world. That is their main focus as of this day.

Brand’s Inov-8 kit is light, fast and always innovative. They don’t hold back when it comes to creating new ways to be even more comfortable and efficient. That has been proven by their pioneering use of wonder-material graphene in sports footwear.

This brand is truly special when it comes to innovation. For example, they are the world’s first – and only – brand to use the wonder-material in sports shoes. No wonder they are so well known all over the world amongst the trail runners and other athletes.

Partners that support sustainability and change

Inov-8 trail running shoes

For us it’s important to know if the brand is socially responsible and sustainable. It speaks volumes about the brand’s motives and values which to us, as regular customers, is especially important. More on this topic you can find in our other articles Social responsibility.

While visiting Inov-8’s webpage and seeing their partners it’s clear to see that they do in fact care about sustainability and social responsibility. They work with multiple organizations that donate food to the hungry, recycle clothing and footwear as well as take care of the wildlife. This brand seems to want to do it all which makes you super happy to hear.

The brand’s founder Wayne said: “I’m proud to be back and lead such a talented global team. I can’t wait to unveil our new shoe, heralding the future of trail running, and more future innovations across hiking and training too.”

Most popular Inov-8 products

Here we have compiled some of the most popular of the brand’s products. These are their most famous shoes that will get you high places and not let you down on the trail. 

Inov-8 x-talon 212 shoes

Inov-8 x-talon 212

Our first product we want to mention is the Inov-8 x-talon 212 shoes. They are especially great because of the new STICKY GRIP rubber. This is a classic lightweight running shoe that delivers outstanding grip over soft, wet terrain and flies with confidence over hard, dry trails too.

It’s an ultimate trail running shoe that can’t do no wrong. It will be your best partner on the road that will not let you down.  It is not sticky, light and fast, durable and with a protective upper. What else could you need?

Inov-8 x talon ultra 260 shoes

Inov-8 x talon ultra 260

The next product Inov-8 x talon ultra 260 shoes are the best trail running shoes for mud. Their aggressive gripping lugs clamp onto soft surfaces with no problem. They also minimise slippages and make it easy to shed mud mid-stride instead of it clinging on in gloopy lumps. This shoe is everything you could possibly need for a muddy trail run.

They have a STICKY GRIP outsole and these shoes are ideal for endurance runners or ultra distance athletes. The high levels of comfort and lightweight protection are the perfect balance.

Inov-8 oroc 280 shoes

Inov-8 oroc 280

And our next shoe model is Inov-8 oroc 280 – one made for women. This is considered as a  shoe that performs on the most severe of off-road terrain, especially slippery ice and frozen ground. The tungsten carbide metal spikes on the outsole grip to everything and anything which is the perfect con.

Besides the tungsten metal carbide spike for phenomenal grip, this shoe also has durable upper and underfoot protection for all cases.

Kids trail running shoes

Kids trail running shoes

And finally one more product to mention are the kids trail running shoes of Inov-8. This is a classic pair for trail running for kids. They only have one shoe for kids so it truly is equipped with everything and anything the kid could possibly need.

The classic, flexible, lightweight racing shoe for kids is fast and protective. It has a consistent grip on softer, looser terrain. 

Other than that, Inov-8 also has a wide range of clothing and other accessories. Stay tuned for the article where we discuss Inov-8 clothing.

Meanwhile you can check out the brand’s shoes and other products in the following shop: Inov8 clothing in

Hopefully you’ve learned more about this brand! 

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