24 Bottles – socially responsible and kind to our planet

24 bottles is an italian brand of stylish, functional and aesthetic water bottles for everyday use. Over a few years they’ve managed to build up quite a huge customer base all over the world. Their bottles are known for being not only cool looking, but also high quality and very lightweight.

For us, while choosing a business to support, it is also important how socially responsible they are. Goals and missions that benefit their customers and our planet are just a few of the ways to keep a responsible business.

More on ways 24 bottles is being a responsible business read in the article down below.

Happy people are the main priority


The brand makes people their top priority – whether it’s workers, designers or, of course, their customers. It is a commitment to a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit, because they both are important.  

24 bottles consider the impact of their decisions in any field, both environmental and social,  keeping their stakeholders’ interests and safety always at heart.

In order to care about customers, the quality of the produced products is number one priority of this category. 24 bottles is a certified B Corporation. They envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good and strives every day to reduce their impact on the environment.

Products that will last a lifetime

24bottles production

When making sustainable water bottles, it’s important to make them long lasting. That’s the whole point of making a product that will replace plastic bottles. 

Materials used by 24 bottles to ensure the maximum safety:

  • 18/8, food-grade, Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI type 304 (bottles and containers);
  • 100% BPA free, Phthalate free Polypropylene no. 5 (smaller parts);
  • food-grade Silicone (seals).

While taking in consideration the best material for the water bottle you’re looking for, 24 bottles are making sure to create beautiful designs as well. The founders of the company Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti say the following – “We think that good aesthetics can be a lever to convince people adopting healthy behaviours and lifestyles.”

Original Italian design and authentic shapes is what 24 bottles is. Every 24 bottles product is a registered design which makes it a unique and unmistakable shape, standing out among other water bottles. Designers are making sure to focus on details to give customers the best comfortable and stylish experience. Happy customers = happy brand.

Measuring carbon footprint of each bottle

24bottles carbon footprint

24 bottles is encouraging their customers and supporters to join the movement for a more sustainable future. Their goal is to forget about disposable plastic bottles once and for all,  and encourage everyone to adopt good habits reducing waste as well as the overall environmental footprint we all have on the planet. 

Every bottle has a ‘’-0,08’’ printed on it. Many wonder what it means.

-0,08 kg of CO2 eq is the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your 24 bottle instead of buying a disposable water bottle.

24 bottles decided to calculate their products’ carbon footprint, from raw material to production, from packaging to transport. 

Carbon footprint of products:

  • Urban Bottle 500ml 2,68 kg CO2e;
  • Clima Bottle 500ml 3,61 CO2e;
  • Travel Tumbler 350ml 3,23 CO2e.

Planting new trees with every purchase

24bottles forest oxygen

Oxygen is the name24 bottles gave to its lush forest that keeps growing bigger every day. So after calculating the carbon footprint of company’s made bottles, the entire volume of their CO2 emissions is absorbed by the trees brand plants in Oxygen, their made forest.

They even call it an ever growing woodland that helps them make the whole life cycle of the  stainless steel Urban Bottle and Clima Bottle entirely carbon neutral. 

Trees like cacao, orange, coffee, avocado and mango have been planted so far among many others, through six different countries. Sofar there’s been 8.654 trees planted in Oxygen forest. And 2.025.865 kilograms of CO2 eq already absorbed by Oxygen.

After doing this research we are proud to support 24 bottles as they are giving back to our planet, as well as creating something useful and beautiful for the community. 

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