Cool gifts for gamers

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays with a massive selection of not only games themselves but also consoles and gear for a perfect gaming setup. Gaming is a great opportunity to get lost in fictional worlds and experience gameplay in the role of many different characters. If you’re looking for cool gifts for gamers, this is the right article for you.

For the gift to be really successful, we recommend that you make sure you know exactly what the receiver’s preferences are in the wide world of gaming.

In this article, we’ve listed some cool and special gift ideas for gamers.

Happy gift hunting!

Nintendo Switch 

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch has been one of the most wanted game consoles for some years now. It is suitable for gamers of all ages and levels, including beginners. The controllers of the Switch come off and even four people can enjoy some games together through one console.

The console is lightweight, portable and the controllers come in quite a few different colors. It is awesome for people who travel or have opportunities to play outside of their homes, and also for anyone who would enjoy classic and popular games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

Keyboard caps

keyboard caps

If you are looking for gifts for gamers who use a mechanical keyboard something unique, custom keycaps an option. They are ndefinitely a great way to make their gaming keyboard more awesome. Keyboard caps can be replaced and bring a whole new vibe for the setup.

The custom possibilities of the keycaps range from everyone’s favourite pokemon to the preferred game of the receiver like, for example, League of Legends. Before ordering the caps, it is best to check the specific keyboard that the gamer uses. That way the cap would undoubtedly fit. 

Gamer tag LED lamp

led lamps

Night lamps are a fantastic way to upgrade one’s gaming setup. Plus having a sign with something personal like your gamer tag is surely special. 

This gamer tag light up lamp is personalised with your chosen name written in one of 16 available fonts. The LED base has seven different colors built-in, so you can select your favorite one or the one that most matches your setup. 

Headphone stand

headphone stand gift

In between gaming the headphones are usually just put anywhere there is space. But there is a better way to organize your desk and keep your headphones safe by using a headphone stand

It has a weighted anti-slip base with 3 USB ports to connect with the headphones and maybe a mouse or keyboard too. The base can also light up with your own unique chosen color palette, and it reacts to Windows notifications and in-game alerts.

A set of fun socks

zee socks gifts for gamers

While socks have nothing to do directly with gaming, they are a fun piece of accessory for a gamer to have. It is cruical to stay warm and comfy during gaming, therefore having some cool socks on is always a great idea. If your gamer loves fashion and is always looking for some amazing and unique socks, then we have a deal for you.

This fun looking All saints day sock bundle in the photo is available from the brand Zee Socks. They create a bunch of amazing sock prints in different themes. If your gamer loves sweets, space, flowers or just simply bright colors, these socks are for them.

Gaming headset

gaming headset gifts for gamers

The most important two features a gaming headset must have are quality sound and a built-in microphone that can cancel background noise. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless gaming headset covers both and has won many awards as the best gaming headset.

The headset uses an Arctis 2.4G wireless connection that provides up to 12 meters of interference-free range. It has the option of changing the balance of the game and chat audio without leaving your game. Last but not least it also comes in both white and black color. 

To check out more popular brands and headset models, check out the article Best gaming headset brands.

Hexagon LED lights

led lights gifts for gamers

Another perfect way to upgrade someone’s gaming area is to gift them hexagon lights. These light panels can be arranged in any way you like creating fun geometric patterns that are custom fit to the room. Option like this is amazing while looking for gifts for gamers.

The lights are operated with a remote control and the panels can display multiple colors at the same time. There are also presets available with different speed, mode and timer functions. These lights will look awesome in the dark while you are gaming! 

Gaming posters

gaming poster

Given the fact that there are countless different games and even more specific characters from these games people love, a gaming poster is a great gift idea.

This website has a variety of posters based on well-known games like Fallout, League of Legends, Doom and many more. For this gift, you just have to know the favourite game or character of the receiver and hunt down that poster

Neck massage cushion

cushion gifts for gamers

As we all know, sitting in a chair and gaming for long hours is quite bad for one’s back. That is why a neck massage pillow is such a great gift for really passionate gamers. 

It relaxes and soothes the neck with rotating kneading. The cushion can be used not only on the neck but also on the back, waist and legs. The best part is that it can be strapped to a gaming chair, so you can enjoy a massage while playing.

Steam gift card

steam gaming gift card

The last but certainly not least gift idea is for those gamers who use Steam. Steam gift cards are a great way to let the gamers choose themselves which game they wish to buy. 

The gift card amount ranges from 5 to 100 euros, and they can be sent through Steam or a physical gift card can be redeemed. Additionally, if you are friends on the Steam platform, you can look through the wishlist of the gift receiver and purchase for them a particular game from that list.

Now that you have looked through this list of gifts for gamers, you surely have the perfect gift!

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