Trimtex brand and their most popular products

When your everyday life consists of regular sports activities, it is very important to invest in some apparel. While trying to find the best option that suits your needs, it’s worth checking out many brands before landing on one. An amazing brand that is definitely worth checking out is Trimtex.

In this article we’re combining the interesting with the useful. You’ll be able to read and find out more about the Trimtex brand as well as their most popular products.

About Trimtex clothing brand

Trimtex brand

Trimtex is a Scandanavian brand that creates comfortable and effective clothing for athletes. Whether it’s running, cycling, cross-country skiing, orienteering, athletics or triathlon that you do, Trimtex will be cheering you on and providing you with the best possible sportswear.

The brand was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur Harald Augland in his garage in Lillesand, but quickly moved over to leased premises. In just 4 years he built his own premises on Sekkebekksletta in Lillesand. In 1990 signed the first million agreement with Vital. Passed 10 mill NOK in revenue in 1994 – passed 100 mill NOK in revenue in 2013.

The brand is all about inspiring their clients. By creating suitable clothing for sports, they also care a lot to inspire you to keep going in your toughest moments. Trimtex believes in you and they want everybody to be able to make a difference.

Perfect for the Nordic training conditions

Trimtex brand

Trimtex claims to understand the Nordic training and the conditions you might have to go through. They are not always the most pleasant ones and that is exactly why suitable clothing is more important than ever. 

Nordic race conditions can be demanding, so to make sure that Trimtex creates appropriate clothing, they test everything right there on site. No wonder the brand’s motto is – No limits and no compromises! They are always willing to do the best they can and with Trimtex clothing, so are you.

TOP Trimtex products 

All of the brand’s products are developed in Norway in collaboration with professional athletes. You can shop Trimtex’s clothing as it is or you can also get it exactly how you want. You can change the design to what you or your sports club want. 

Here are some of the brand’s top products that are definitely worth checking out.

Trimtex orienteering pants

Trimtex orentiering pants

It is important to find comfortable and effective pants to begin with. These basic 3/4-length orienteering pants are unisex and with a loose fit. The orienteering pants are made out of a strong polyester material. That way these pants are very durable, airy and light.

The low weight makes the O-pants feel light on the body. These pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring, and a front pocket with a Velcro fastening. These orienteering pants are perfect for beginners. This product has a regular fit. This means that it has a looser fit on the body, it is not supposed to be tight or restrictive. 

Trimtex gaiters

trimtex gaiters

The Speed ​​o-gaiters are technical and snug leg protectors made of microfibre with a built-in plate at the front and stretchy Lycra mesh on the back for the best possible fit and optimal mobility.

The good fit, non-slip elastic and elastic under the foot all ensure that the orienteering gaiters stay firmly in place on the leg for the entire outing. These leg protectors can be a good idea in terrain with a lot of low vegetation.

For the ones that also care about the product sustainability, Trimtex promises to deliver uncompromised quality and to take their social responsibility towards the environment seriously. All of their Clean Grit garments are made with a minimum of 50% recycled fabrics.

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Trimtex orienteering tights

Trimtex orientiering tights

These extreme orienteering tights are especially developed for people who love orienteering running and off-road running. 

The tights are developed from a very strong-wearing fabric. They have a comfortable ergonomic fit and are highly flexible. The running tights have flexible mesh panels behind the knees in order to increase ventilation. The orienteering tights have a practical zippered pocket and a drawstring waist.

This product has a tight fit. It will fit close to the body, but not cling to it. There is freedom of movement and is a product that will fit most people.

Trimtex magma shirt

Trimtex magma shirt

This Basic Mesh orienteering shirt is an airy and very comfortable short-sleeved unisex crew neck shirt. The orienteering shirt is technically developed to be lightweight and very durable, and to have very good ventilation due to the air holes across the whole shirt.

The lightweight, breathable fabric means the orienteering shirt feels comfortable and light on the body. The shirt also has a comfortable V-neck with Lycra at the neckline. This orienteering shirt is totally perfect for beginners.

This product has a regular fit. This means that it has a looser fit on the body, it is not supposed to be tight or restrictive. 

Hopefully this article was useful and interesting to you!

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