TOP water bottle brands in the world

Water is a very important part of human life, therefore it’s important to drink enough of it during the day. It helps to strengthen your immunity as well as your general well-being. If there’s an actual bottle of water near you, it’s not that hard to remember to hydrate throughout the day. That’s why having your own sustainable water bottle that fits your everyday needs and wants, is so important.

While trying to find your perfect water bottle, it can get confusing. Since there are so many brands of water bottles available, you really need to focus on some of your main criteria. For example, take into consideration bottle’s size, weight and, of course, design itself.

In this article we’ve compiled some of the water bottle brands that will help you find a suitable bottle for your everyday life.

Hydroflask – staying hydrated everywhere you go

TOP water bottle brands in the world

The Hydroflask brand was founded in 2009 in the USA, Oregon. Hydroflask has  quickly become one of the most popular water-bottle brands globally. Their product range has grown from sustainable bottles to coffee, wine and even beer mugs, food dishes, bottles for children, and to sustainable and high-quality clothing and accessories.

Hydroflask’s used steel provides the bottles with seemingly fresh flavor as well as a comfortable and stylish design. The brand is positioning itself as suitable for any adventure and life situation. From skiing adventures to summer hikes. From morning office meetings with delicious coffee all the way up to peaceful sunsets on the shore of the sea with a cooling wine glass.

The brand has a special offer that let’s anyone make their own custom bottle, choosing from 11 sizes, 3 different corks and 14 colors. You can also add a silicone base for easier surface placement.

24 bottles – hydration by design

TOP water bottle brands in the world

24 bottles is an Italian brand with a goal of reducing the use of plastic bottles both in nature and human everyday life. 24 bottles brand believes that beautiful design is able to change people’s outlook on eco-friendly topics. The brand’s creators think an aesthetic product can encourage people to turn to healthier lifestyles and make more nature-friendly choices.

In fact, by selecting the 24 bottles brand, you have the opportunity to reduce your negative impact on nature and the surrounding environment by reducing the daily consumption of plastic. The brand’s special value is that each water bottle was produced without consuming CO2. Bottles bear an inscription of -0.08 equivalent to how much CO2 is spent on producing one plastic water bottle. 

By getting your sustainable water bottle, you save the production of one plastic bottle every time you fill it back up.

Aladdin – sustainable promise

TOP water bottle brands in the world

Aladdin is a brand that’s roots are from USA, Chicago. Aladdin bottles are comfortable for everyday use in a variety of ways – good quality and pleasant design, straps for lighter wear, children’s bottles – straws for more enjoyable and binding use, reliable caps that allow bottles to be carried in bags so you don’t worry about leaking a drink.

The bottles that are made from plastic do not contain BPA or bisphenol A. Some of the bottles are made of tritan, high-quality plastics that do not release toxins. Aladdin’s range also includes stainless-steel bottles. One of the main benefits of stainless steel is that it is very resilient and tough. Like tritan, it does not contain human-harmful substances.

Overall it’s a brand that is all about innovation, sustainability, social responsibility and giving back to it’s community. 

EQUA bottles – feel good, look good and do good

TOP water bottle brands in the world

EQUA is a water bottle brand from Europe, Slovenia. They’re known for their water bottles to be not only useful, but also very elegant. In fact, EQUA’s brand says that all things practical can also be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. To feel good, you also have to look good – in this case, the more you like your own water bottle, the more you will want to use it.

The brand was established ten years ago and it keeps gaining new admirers daily. It has conquered the hearts of many thousands of supporters with the beautiful and aesthetic bottles. The most popular of them all from EQUA offer are the gorgeous glass water bottles. The brand’s offer also features more convenient and practical sustainable plastic water bottles for both sports and everyday use. 

These are the perfect water bottles to keep at home or have at your office. Every glass bottle can be put into a faux leather cover – you can switch them up for a more fun look every day if you’d like!

Stanley – stainless steel bottles for adventures

TOP water bottle brands in the world

Stanley has been able to drastically turn everyday drinking habits throughout the century. It is arguably one of the oldest sustainable water bottle brands starting way back in 1913. When presenting the society tasteful and quality stainless steel products, the Stanley brand takes care not only of the environment but also of public health. 

The most sustainable products are those that you never have to throw out. Using one of the most easily recyclable materials as stainless steel, the Stanley brand has taken care of maximizing its ecological footstep. For more than 100 years now, the Stanley brand has designed durable and quality water bottles, tumblers, kitchenware and much more from stainless steel. 

Their water bottles are easy to use and beautifully crafted. 

Camelbak – perfect everyday water bottles

TOP water bottle brands in the world

Camelbak is another well known brand amongst the other water bottle brands in the world. It started with a goal of combining an active lifestyle with a healthy amount of water intake. From quality water bottles of plastic and stainless steel to everyday bags and running vests, which make it easier to hydrate during activities.

The Camelbak brand is widely preferred by athletes and cyclists, since their offer is really innovative and incomparable to other brands of water bottles and accessories. Camelbak knows what is needed for active lifestyle enthusiasts to stay hydrated while being on the road or active in any other way. Starting with lightweight bottles of water that can be added to the bike wheel, up to running vests that can be fitted with whole two bottles of water at the same time.

The brand offers a wide range of products that are suitable for both everyday and sports. Water bottles, bags and vests make it easier to drink water during cycling, running and hiking.

Kambukka – joyful and useful

TOP water bottle brands in the world

Kambukka is a Belgian brand that creates stylish water bottles and mugs. Kambukkaa, from Swahili, means joy and opportunity to be useful. Although this was chosen as a brand name, the founders only recently learned about the real meaning of this translation.

Now the Kambukka brand safely recognizes that the selected name applies to the company’s values. They produce water bottles that will both please the eye and greatly impact their daily lives with a reminder to stay hydrated.

By looking at ways to ensure fast and simple drinking also while being active, Kambukka has made sustainable plastic water bottles with a cap of 3 functions in one. The main function of this innovative technique is the button, which has 3 levels – open each time a drink is sipped, leave open and close. The first function is intended for moments when you’re sipping your drink regularly, so that the cap opens with each press of the button and automatically closes after drinking.

S’well – beautiful design and sleek form

TOP water bottle brands in the world

In 2010, the founder of the S’well brand decided to free the world from disposable plastic bottles. At a time, when sustainable products weren’t yet a fashion case, the brand didn’t dwell long and produced the first sustainable water bottle – one that is functional and also stylish at the same time.

The story of S’well brand started with their first water bottle – a 500 ml heat-resistant bottle that’s capable of keeping drinks temperature chilling cold for 41 hours and hot for up to 18 hours. Further on products ranged from water bottles to food storage containers and various sustainable accessories.

Every day the brand is being inspired to surprise their customers by modern, innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world.

Cheeki –stainless steel bottles from Australia

TOP water bottle brands in the world

In Australia, Cheeki has become a leader in producing stainless-steel water bottles. Modern design, harmless materials and more natural solutions are at the core of this brand. 

Cheeki provides a lifetime guarantee for its products. The products are made from premium stainless steel. Stainless steel is a widely used material. It is durable and light and very resistant to corrosion, so the products are suitable for frequent washing. 

Cheeki offers not only beautiful and functional water bottles, but also handy coffee mugs and glasses, lunch boxes, food dishes, sustainable straws etc. While keeping up with the trends, Cheeki restores the available color pallets of bottles every season. Their water bottles are truly beautiful and available in a variety of colors, tones, patterns. Since each product has a lifetime guarantee, the brand is confident about the quality of its products.

Contigo – detail oriented design

TOP water bottle brands in the world

The Contigo brand aims to create products that each solve a significant problem in the world. Therefore, the brand is constantly looking for problems to solve, including potential problems that customers might encounter in the use of everyday items, like water bottles. The brand listens to its customers, friends and social networks constantly.

Contigo’s offer is divided into 3 major categories – water bottles, travel mugs and children’s bottles. The supply is very diverse therefore, suitable for different tastes and lifestyles.

Products offered by the Contigo brand are produced from high-quality stainless steel, as it is a material that is both long-lasting and environmentally friendly. A large part of the water bottles have also been produced from sustainable plastics – especially children-friendly water bottles. They are of course without BPA.

Klean Kanteen – superior materials and beautiful design

TOP water bottle brands in the world

Brand Klean Kanteen is a family company founded by a brother and a sister from California, Chico. They were always more comfortable in nature than in the city. With that thought in mind, the Klean Kanteen was born – a water bottle that will help you stay hydrated in any adventure you might go on. 

Today, the brand’s many water bottles and coffee mugs are everywhere. Klean Kanteen has become an international brand that inspires hundreds and thousands of people, as well as dozens of new businesses. And the brand does not care about competition at all, and says that, in the fight against plastic pollution, we are all in one joint mission.

All Klean Kanteen products are made of superior materials. The basic material used, which unites all products, is stainless steel. Brand offers its customers only the best, providing both functionality and not forgetting a simple but beautiful design.

Hopefully while learning about all of these amazing water bottle brands, you found one or two that caught your eye!

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Stay hydrated!

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