Nvii shoes – one of the fastest in the world

Nvii is a sportswear brand from Finland. They are most popular for their Nvii shoes that are great for such sports as orienteering, OCR, swimrun and trail. They claim to be the creators of one of the fastest shoes in the world, and many people do agree.

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Shoes created with passion and responsibility

brand social responsibility

The brand Nvii creates their products with passion and responsibility. Their design team has outdone themselves and created some of the fastest shoes. 

While running, orienteering and doing some other kinds of sports where you have to be outdoors, shoes are a very important gadget. Everybody knows that shoes have to be comfortable. With that also comes the weight of them. That is why Nvii is creating some of the lightest shoes too.

One of their lightest shoes weighs as little as 169 grams. 

The goal for Nvii is to not only create the lightest and fastest shoes, but to also inspire. They truly believe in the power of your gear and sportswear to be one of the most important factors in order to win the race. Their goal is to inspire all of the athletes and believe in themselves, because clothing is not going to be the thing to stop them. It will be there to only benefit.

Speaking of responsibility, Nvii brand only chooses the manufacturers who are socially responsible. Their fabrics are ordered from the USA, Finland, Italy and Germany. We, as an average customer, do care about brands being socially responsible. So we already like the Nvii brand that much more.

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A brand that’s not scared to be innovative

brand innovative

To be successful and fulfill a dream, you will most likely have to be innovative. Nvii brand has no issue with that, in fact being innovative is what has got them so far.

Their patented Super Fabric upper material and Kevlar fabric are quantum leaps forward while their ProtectOR arch support is the most comfortable on the market. Super Fabric is a fabric with tiny ceramic plates (“guard plates”). The gaps between guard plates allow complete flexibility which is perfect for trail and other sports under rough conditions. 

Besides all that, the Nvii NRG midsole offers their clients and the most professional athletes the most responsive energy return available.

All of their outsole materials are picked very carefully and being updated so Nvii shoes are the best possible for different conditions. That includes shoes that are safe, durable and offer the runner maximal control.

Most popular products from Nvii

Here are some of the most popular Nvii products that we would like to talk a little bit more about.

NVii Forest 1 shoes

nvii forest 1

First product we would like to mention are the Nvii Forest 1 shoes. They are significant for their  durable metal stud and made for rough conditions with a precision fit. The fit of this exact shoe model is tight and snug, so your foot won’t move inside the shoes.

In the 3-compound midsole is a softer compound under the heel for best cushioning. In the arch there is a harder compound which works as protection and torsion support. Also, in the front they have a spike plate to protect you from feeling the spikes. 

To sum it up, if the conditions get wet and dirty during some trail running, that is no problem for  the light F1’s. They are ready for some dirty business!

NVii Forest 2 shoes

nvii forest 2

This is another pair of shoes that will not under any circumstances disappoint you. The Nvii Forest 2 shoes are durable for rough conditions as well as breathable and fast drying. 

The difference between these and the previous shoes is that the outsole of F2 is sticky butyl rubber which gives you a perfect grip. The dobs are 6,5 to 7,5 mm high and the outsole is made without any slick areas for best grip in all weather and trail conditions.

NVii Crazy Light shoes

nvii crazy light

The next pair are the Nvii Crazy Light shoes. Brand’s Crazy light’s are a version of the F1 metal stud shoe. They are known for their precision fit since they are tight and snug. 

Same mid- and outsole as the Forest 1 but with the Crazy Light upper. Nvii has used Hexa fabric in the upper which is a superlight fabric with durability. This is an extreme racing shoe where every bit of the weight is critical.

In this shoe, they’ve combined the perfect fit and metal stud grip with the most lightweight upper you will probably be able to find on the market. The Crazy Light F1 comes with the 3-compound midsole for the best possible cushioning. A softer compound under the heel, a stiffer part in the arch and a spike plate in the front to protect you from feeling the spikes. 

That’s all on Nvii from us. 

If you ever need fast and light, and durable shoes, they’re your guy.

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