Gifts for writers

No matter if your friend is just starting their first novel, working on a movie script, or simply loves to put their experiences into words… Some things that might enlighten their day and, who knows, maybe even inspire them to write more.

It could be their birthday or their book publishing event is coming up, or maybe you want to give them a little something that could help them to overcome the sadly famous writer’s block.

In this article, you will find some gift ideas for your writer friends. 

A pocket-size notebook

Nobody knows when a good idea will suddenly pop into their head. It might happen in the middle of the night or on a bus, or while shopping for groceries. It is very important to write these sudden ideas down so they aren’t forgotten forever.

Yes, nearly everyone has a smartphone, however, many people (and especially writers!) still enjoy writing on paper. Therefore, a small notebook makes a great gift for writers. They can carry it everywhere and make sure that everything worth writing down gets written down!

A novel planner

While everyone’s writing technique differs, a good plan is never a bad idea. It can help to clear the writer’s mind, organize their work and improve their productivity.

There are different novel planners on the market but some of them contain inspiring quotes and achievement trackers. Writing can get hard sometimes – help your friend to make it easier.

A (BIG!) coffee mug

Writing and caffeine sometimes go hand in hand. If your writer friend loves drinking coffee, get them a nice coffee mug. For example, you can focus on a mug’s size and get them a big mug so their coffee lasts longer. More coffee means less time spending making another cup of coffee, therefore – more time for writing!

If you want to make it a bit more fun, add some text to it! Some ideas from Amazon:

  • “Please don’t annoy the writer. She might put you in a story and kill you.”
  • “I am a writer. Anything you say or do may be used in a story.”

It’s also a good idea to choose a travel mug. When your writer friend goes on a hunt for inspiration, it’s important to be as alert as possible. One of the top brands – Contigo – offers a wide variety of stylish and sustainable mugs.

Cozy and stylish socks fun socks gift

While writing, it is also important to stay warm, cozy and comfortable. However you can always do that in a fun and fashionable way, with some cool socks. This All Saints Day socks set is a good choice. These are made by the brand Zee Socks that create really cool designs with a variety of symbols, characters and themes.

If your writer friend would love to receive some statement pieces as socks, this fun set is a must have. Very colorful, bright and out there. We all know that sometimes all it takes for inspiration to come is putting on a fun outfit. Start with socks!

Noise-canceling headphones

Most people can focus easier if their environment is peaceful and quiet. However, that is not always possible. Therefore, noise-canceling headphones are a way to go.

Get them a good pair of headphones so they can isolate themselves in their made-up world and not be distracted by loud neighbors, street sounds, or their flatmates.

A stay in an Airbnb

Sometimes being stuck in one place for a long time can result in feeling a bit down and uninspired. Changing your environment can help with that. Even if it’s for a day or two, a small getaway can be just enough!

 Book them a nice AirBnB where they can focus on themselves and their work. Maybe you can even match the place with their story – maybe it’s a mysterious cabin in the woods or a nice city apartment in the skyscraper or even a houseboat on a lake.

A wall organizer

Similar to a novel planner, a wall organizer can also help them to be a little more organized. A wall organizer is great for pinning down important notes and keeping all pens and pencils in the same place.

There are lots of designs to choose from. It can also add a nice touch to their home office.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Often – those who write also read a lot. Reading is both great for relaxing and improving their writing.

If they own a Kindle, buy them Kindle Unlimited Subscription. It will allow them to get their eyes on over a million books and also access thousands of audiobooks.

A back massage pillow

Sitting in a chair for a long time can get very tiring and even painful. A massage pillow is often used in physiotherapy but it also works great for those who spend a lot of time sitting.

This pillow can be used in three different ways: sitting on it (helps improving sitting position); putting the pillow under a desk and putting your feet on it from time to time or putting it between a back and a chair.

Now, when you have gone through some ideas you just need to make your choice and… wrap it up!

You can also go a step further and make sure that your gift is going to include some karma points. More on that in the article Gifts with good karma.

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