Contigo water bottles – sustainable and stylish

Contigo is a well known brand that creates sustainable and high quality water bottles and travel mugs. They are not only efficient but also beautifully crafted.

Each brand has its own story and values that are important to every supporter of the brand. To get to know Contigo a little bit better we have gathered the most interesting and important information about their brand in the article down below.

The story of Contigo brand

Contigo water bottles

The Contigo brand aims to create products that solve some significant problems that their customers have in their daily life. Therefore, the brand is constantly looking for problems to solve in the range of their products – water bottles, tumblers and travel mugs. 

The research also involves potential problems that customers might encounter in the use of their products. Contigo is a brand that listens to its customers and friends.

Contigo is aware that customers want innovative products – something fresh, efficient and functional. That explains the brand’s motto which is – everything simple is complicated.

To improve Contigo’s products and their quality, the brand aspires to nothing less than excellence. The first problem that drew the brand’s attention was at a time a pretty common observation – if only there was a mug you could put in your bag and not worry about your drink leaking. That’s exactly the story of how Contigo travel mugs were born – efficient and leak proof.

Why choose this brand specifically

Contigo water bottles

Since a sustainable lifestyle gets more popular with every day, there are many brands that offer sustainable products. Contigo is one of these brands. 

Here are some reasons one would choose this exact brand.

High quality products

All Contigo products are tested before being launched to the public. The products developed are shaken, dropped into the ground and being put to use to see not only the quality of the product but also its resistance to time. This is done with the aim of guaranteeing its customers life long Contigo products.

Products offered by the brand are mostly made from high-quality stainless steel, as it is a material that is both durable and environmentally friendly. A large part of the water bottles have also been produced from sustainable plastics – especially kid-friendly water bottles. They are without BPA attached, of course.

Great design – stylish and functional

If you think you’re paying attention to every single detail, wait until you’ll meet the Contigo engineers. Before the product design phase is completed, engineers give their professional views and will not stop until the product is fully developed to perfection.

Contigo product engineers ask a series of important questions before launching the products such as – Is this easy to use? Does this function require too much time and care? Is this simple and effective enough?

The Contigo team believes that by stepping aside from your own product and looking at it through a customer’s lense, that it is possible to create a really great product that not only looks cool but is also safe.

Contigo water bottles

Sustainable bottles for everyday use and sports

Water bottles made by the Contigo brand are multifunctional and efficient. Some of them were produced from stainless steel, some of glass and some from sustainable plastic. The water bottles in each category are very different – made for everyday use, for sports, travel etc.

Stainless-steel water bottles are good for keeping your drink hot or cold for multiple hours. Some of the Contigo water bottles will keep your drink hot for up to 10 hours but cold for up to 20. 

We also recommend checking out their glass bottles which are delicate and stylish. They are made with a silicone cover that makes the use of the bottle more comfortable and safe. The cap attached to these glass bottles is made of stainless steel.

Tumblers and child bottles

Contigo tumblers are designed for convenient everyday use. They’re especially great for having a warm drink while being in a car since tumblers like Contigo West Loop can be opened with one arm. The drink temperature in this particular tumbler is maintained for a long time – hot for up to 5 hours, cold for up to 12 hours.

Contigo water bottles designed for children are beautiful and created in playful designs. They are available in different sizes and styles, both for small children and for younger children. There’s something for everyone’s liking!

Contigo water bottles

A socially responsible brand

For us, it is important whether the brand is socially responsible or not. Most sustainable brands are, and Contigo is no exception.

Contigo is creating products that are making a difference in the world. Every action counts, and reusable products are a great way to go. This brand chooses the best quality stainless steel to give their customers the full deal. It’s always good to support a socially responsible brand, especially choosing their products for gifts. It will make a good gift with good karma

Just last year Contigo partnered up with one of the most well known music and art festivals – Coachella. This collaboration brings together two passionate brands in an effort to reduce single-use PET plastic and encourage reusability throughout the festival and beyond. 

If you care about the planet and your own convenience, choose Contigo!

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