Gifts with good karma

When gift shopping for your friends and family, it’s important to get them presents they will enjoy. While doing that, it is also important to make sure you’re shopping from trustworthy places that are going to do good in the world. That will be gifts with good karma.

If you’re going to buy a gift from somebody who does good to the community, we believe it makes the gift have good karma. And a few extra karma points go to you, too! 

In this article you can learn more about what we mean by gifts having good karma. 

Buy gifts from socially responsible brands


As we know, a good action creates good karma, as does good intent. So when you do something good with no intention to get good for yourself, you get good karma points. For being selfless and helping others. This can also be used while shopping for gifts.

First example is buying gifts from socially responsible brands. In this blog, it is especially important for us to support good brands. We even have a tag that you can check out with all our articles containing Social responsibility topics. For example we can mention one of our favorite brands Cheeki.

But to quickly explain, a socially responsible brand will often do good to the society, to our planet and much more. For example, if you want to get your friend a cool water bottle for their birthday, it’s better to choose a sustainable water bottle brand. It’s even better if the brand is creating their products with hope to clean up the oceans from plastic. That way, by buying their water bottle, you get a cool gift for your friend and also help the brand to reach their goal.

In this category it is also important to mention ethical human rights while producing a product. There are many brands in the world that use human labor in bad conditions, barely minimum wage etc. We try not to support businesses like that!

Get your gifts from local companies

Gifts with good karma

Another way to get a gift for your loved ones, is to get it from your local designers, stores and sellers. Support your local companies by checking their products out first. If you don’t find exactly what you want, then you obviously don’t have to buy anything. But it is always nice to consider shopping local before going to the shopping malls or searching for gifts online.

It’s all about giving the local companies a chance and a benefit of the doubt. You might be surprised how many small and hidden shops, markets you will be able to find! And there’s more chance to get an original and nowhere else seen present if you do not get it from the shopping malls. It is not uncommon to see people wearing the same clothes and having the same home decors only because they shop from huge retailers.

Surprise your friend or family member with gifts with good karma – ones that are original and mean something!

Choose the gift from a company that donates to charity

Gifts with good karma

When creating a business, there has to be another reason for it except getting financial benefit of profit. There has to be a reason why every brand exists, in our opinion. Because a brand should not only sell to gain even more buyers – it should improve its customers lives. There are socially responsible brands that also donate to charity.

Now there are a few ways a brand will let you participate in this process. Firstly, you can support a charity that the brand is donating to by simply buying the brands products. If their policy is to donate a percentage of every item, then go ahead and choose the perfect gift. Good karma points guaranteed!

Another way is the following – brands a lot of the time will make product collection that is meant for the charity. So only these products are raising money for the charity. In this case, see if you like anything from this category of products, and help out if you can. For example, there can be cards or bracelets. Once you buy them, let’s say 10% will automatically go to charity. 

If all of us would buy just that one card, the world already would be a much better place, wouldn’t it?

Buy a gift that will bring luck

Gifts with good karma

And finally, get a gift that will bring good luck to your loved one. Good karma for you and good luck for them.

There are many gifts that bring good luck, and in every culture there are different kinds of ways to wish luck. For example, many believe in the healing power of crystals. They are beautiful to look at and supposedly bring good luck. So if your friend is into crystals, get them another one and make their collection even bigger.

Another luck symbol is the cat shown in the picture. The Maneki-neko is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Others believe that luck can be brought by necklaces, different charms, four leaf clovers, Buddha statues, lucky horseshoe etc. It’s important to find one that suits your loved one’s personality and lifestyle the most. A classy bracelet with pearls and a few of the lucky crystal beads sounds like a very cute gift idea for a girl, for example.

At the end of the day, what matters the most, is if you’re a good person or not. If your actions are good, then luck will only follow! 

Good luck finding a great gift for your loved ones!

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