The social responsibilities Cheeki practices

While choosing a brand to shop from, for many it is important that the brand is socially responsible. People like to support brands that care about our environment, make sustainable products and promote a worthy message.

Cheeki is one of the water bottle brands that care about their surroundings. In fact, the whole reason for the brand’s birth in the first place is built up on a mission to save oceans from plastic. 

To find out more about how Cheeki is a socially responsible brand worth supporting, keep reading down below.

The definition of social responsibility

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So to begin with, what is considered social responsibility? 

Social responsibility means that businesses should act in a manner that benefits not only them, but the whole society as well. Also considering the addition to maximizing their value.

Socially responsible companies should adopt policies that promote the well-being of society and the environment. Doing so while lessening negative impacts on them.

There are many ways companies can act responsibly. For example, promoting volunteering, making changes that benefit the environment. That can also be done by engaging in charitable giving and these are just a few of the ways to practice social responsibility.

If a brand is socially responsible, it only enhances their chances of being more successful in the eyes of their audience. Their consumers are more likely going to be looking to buy the brand’s services. 

The top ways Cheeki is socially responsible

Cheeki is a sustainable water bottle brand from Australia. In Australia, Cheeki has become a leader in producing stainless-steel water bottles. Modern design, harmless materials and more natural solutions are at the core of this brand. 

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Cheeki is also one of the most socially responsible brands. They care not only for their own profit, but the high quality of their products as well as lessening the plastic pollution in the oceans.

Further in the article we’ve listed all the most important ways Cheeki is being socially responsible.

Creating products that will last a lifetime

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As it says on their webpage, Cheeki was established in Sydney, Australia in 2009. Their goal was to create high quality reusable stainless steel alternatives to single-use plastic food and beverage containers. To do that, they started creating all kinds of water bottles. THat way people wouldn’t have to ever buy single use plastic ones.

Since all of their products are made from stainless steel, they’re made to last a whole lifetime. That way you would only need to buy one bottle and that would be enough. Sounds like a good deal that a brand whose priority isn’t profit would make, right?

Good quality is Cheeki’s focus and sustainability is their goal. This is a brand that’s here to change the world in the most positive way possible with products that are made for life.

Water bottles for all ages

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Cheeki is creating water bottles in all the different colors and sizes, and what’s more important – for all ages. They have water bottles for kids too. It’s important to start teaching our kids about the environment from a young age.

Their web page has a category that’s called Our Ocean Friends. There are 6 sea creatures that share the planet with us. Unfortunately their homes are becoming filled with more and more human-made trash. To teach kids about plastic pollution, Cheeki has found a creative way.

Each sea character has a written story. That way kids can learn how we can work together to clean up the ocean and ensure that we all live together on a clean, plastic-free planet.

A mission to rid oceans of plastic waste

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The number one goal of the Cheeki brand was to rid oceans from plastic. To do something about this, they took a bold stance. They became the first Australian brand to introduce stainless steel water bottles to the market. The brand’s leadership and vision for a healthier and cleaner planet was loved by Australians.

Sponsoring sporting and research events

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Sporting events are increasingly banning disposable cups and instead asking participants to bring your own bottles and refill them at different water stations. That’s such a positive change Cheeki is proud to be a part of. That’s why the water bottle brand is gladly sponsoring sporting and research events that are listed below.

Cheeki is sponsoring:

  • Canberra United – Cheeki are proud to sponsor the Canberra United Football Team for the 20/21 Westfield W-League Season. Not only does this partnership support women’s football in Australia but also promote a healthy, active lifestyle without single-use plastic water bottles. 
  • Australian Sailing – Cheeki are proud to be the official hydration supplier to the Australian Sailing Team for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Sailing in Australia is taking the big steps in becoming a sport that’s not reliant on single-use plastics and helping reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. 
  • Surfrider Foundation Australia – Cheeki are proud to support SFA’s research and educational programs to help further their efforts at tackling local and national coastal environmental issues around Australia in hopes to make our planet better.
  • Keep Australia Beautiful – Cheeki are proud to sponsor the NSW Keep Australia Beautiful’s Environmentors program that is a travelling show that visits primary schools around the State educating of the importance of reducing our waste and ensure that the waste we produce does not end up in our natural environment. 

What a great brand to support if you’re ever in need of a sustainable water bottle! In conclusion, Cheeki is an amazing brand that cares about the well being of us all.

Hope this article was interesting and useful for you!

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