How to change company culture

The company culture starts the day the very first employee is on board. Then unique culture is cultivated with the combined effect of teams and senior leadership and could make or break the organization in trying times.

The future success of an organization depends on understanding the new standards and gauging their system with a new perspective to shape a new company culture.

A positive workplace culture is one of the top reasons why employees choose to  continue working for their organization. So if you’re wondering how to change company culture for the better, you will find out in this article. 

How to change company culture

Inclusive workplace culture is one where connections form and the individuals learn and grow. Changing the company culture can be daunting for the management and even more so for the workforce. Useful tools such as Company culture software could be a great help. 

If you’re looking for other options, here is how companies can prepare themselves and move forward.

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Assess and contemplate your company culture now

Take a deeper look into your company culture and scrutinize big and small aspects.

Do the people in your company stay in a state of flight or fight all the time? Ask, do your employees love collaboration or are they trying to push each other to the brink? Do the people in your organization share their ideas openly and raise questions over things that are bothersome?

One way to get the answers to these questions would be to survey your employees with discretion. Be more observant and see how employees interact on a day to day basis.

The scrutiny may bring up certain bitter truths about your company culture but the identification of wrong and accepting that something needs correction is a good place to start and devise the plan for change.

Make employees your focus

Hiring the right people is important. As it was said before, the company culture starts with the hiring of the very first employee. Hence the best time to bring a change in your culture is at the time of onboarding new employees and ensuring they hold the values that fit with the desired culture.

Make them a part of the process. Let them know that this intended change is for them. Ask them about what they think needs to change. Ask them whether they are willing to commit and welcome the change and let them know clearly how the things would transition so nothing comes unexpected. See the employees’ reaction after every step of the transition and improvise the next steps accordingly.

Build communities. Make sure that the organizations have a channel of designated space where employees can connect and form a community over shared interests. 

Recognize the importance of DEI

Bear in mind that inclusivity and diversity in the workplace has to be created and rooted in the company culture. The more you give recognition to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, more it will flourish.

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Build Habits

What most change makers ignore is the very basics of human nature i. e. habit. Habits are built over time and can be changed over time too. Changing habits is the more impactful way of manifesting long term change. Let the employees know how a little change in their habits can make a big impact so they can focus on changing that behavior.

Make use of data and storytelling to be more compelling. More so, allow them to change or make new habits one by one and scale up over time.

So now you know more about company culture and how to change company culture if needed. Check out our other articles on this topic – Brands with the best organizational culture and Onboarding gifts for new hires.

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