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Orienteering is an interesting way to spend time outdoors and breathe fresh air while exploring and staying on the track. It’s a sport that’s both exciting and challenging. In order to participate in this sport, you need to be comfortable at all times. To do so, it’s important to have appropriate clothing.

Having said that, this article is made for those who want to find a perfect gift for somebody who enjoys orienteering. Our advice is that the best gift for an orienteer is good quality clothing. It can get quite pricey, so it will make a great gift that will be surely appreciated.

In this article we have compiled some of the best orienteering brands that offer high quality, trendy and, what’s most important, comfortable clothing. 

Noname – an innovative sportswear brand 

noname orienteering

Our number one choice is an innovative sportswear brand called Noname. They are a genuine Scandinavian sports brand, established in 1999, specializing in custom made training and racing apparel for clubs and companies. They create a unique design for your team and also have an expanding webshop where you can buy their retail products. 

The Noname head office is located in Vaasa, Finland while national offices are situated in Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia. It’s pretty clear that this brand is loved in many countries all over the world. 

Noname has a wide clothing offer when it comes to running, track & field, orienteering, xc skiing, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading, and so much more. If you know anyone who would love to get some clothing for all of the above, this brand is your pick! It will make a great gift that will go on many adventures!

Inov 8 – defy the limits of your long run


As you’ve probably noticed, we like sustainable and socially responsible brands. Now that’s why we put Inov-8 as one of our favorites.

To quote them, this is their main motivator for sustainability – “What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on the planet.” – Sir David Attenborough.

Since 2003, when inov-8 was founded, they have pushed themselves to be sustainable in all their working practices. Now, from November 2020, they are taking it to the next level, and promising to put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. A new Inov-8 sustainability strategy, developed over the past 12 months in partnership with Dr Anne Prahl (an expert at the forefront of sustainable workings and design), will guide every aspect of what the brand does.

Anything from this brand will be an amazing gift for a sustainable and nature-loving orienteer!

Trimtex – we’ve no limits and make no compromises


Trimtex is a brand that is always cheering you on.  

‘‘When you’ve pushed yourself to the very limit that you’ve deemed possible and you are ready to embark on that 54 km of cross country mountain ski. When you’ve broken the barrier of that 30km line in your marathon and you’re feeling those muscles burning…. this is where we come in with our clothing range!’’

Trimtex is promising to be your additional driving force to that finish line because they believe in you – they know you can make it and they know they can help you make the difference!

Trimtex was the first company to create orienteering suits in an originally developed material.  Further development was in creating bike wear, ski suits and triathlon sets. Now Trimtex is a leading sportswear company in Nordics and best-known orienteering clothing company all over the world.

Silva – first to the checkpoint

silva orienteering

The brand Silva develops products for people who spend time on outdoor activities, regardless if the activity is high pulse like running, skiing, commuting to school or work. With their products, you can go anywhere you want, at any time of the day, and in any conditions.

This brand’s story is about three entrepreneurial brothers and one great invention. In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and their story began. Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but it also set the global standard for how navigation works upon today. Then, in 1935, they launched their first headlamp – Zeiler – and the SILVA brand was born.

They are famous for their compasses but they also create magnificent, high quality clothing for all kinds of activities. You will definitely be able to find a great gift here too!

Hopefully you found this article useful!

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Have a good day!

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