What does virtual team building look like

Virtual team building is a way to make sure your employees stay connected during remote working schedules too. Now that some companies still choose to do remote work or a hybrid working model, team building can also be done remotely.

There are some challenges to get connected in the virtual world however there are also plenty of new possibilities to make team building more fun and exciting.

In this article we have compiled a few ideas on what does virtual team building look like in the modern days. It can be both educational and interesting. To learn more on why team building is important, see the article Why team building is important.

Virtual team building activities

So here are some popular activities of team building in virtual reality setup.

virtual team building activities

Play games together

A fun way to get everybody together can be playing games that teach the employees to work on a common goal. When you hear games, many might instantly think of something silly. However playing games can also be educational and very interesting.

The main goal is to find something that works for everybody remotely. And it is also important to take into consideration everybody’s common interests.

Escape Rooms in VR

Remember that you can use the help of virtual reality to get everybody together. One example is a fun escape room experience. Escape room, a popular virtual reality team-building activity, requires the team to work together to defeat the villain utilizing communication and teamwork.

The team works together to solve puzzles, discover hints, and unlock doors. They can only reach safety if they have put their minds together. 

virtual team building

Keep talking and nobody explodes 

This game aids organizations that wish to master the art of cooperating through communication and achieving a common objective. One player dons a headset for the virtual reality experience, while the other players on his team give him instructions on how to defuse the bomb.

This activity also provides the opportunity to work with the team in an exciting new way. Once again everybody has a shared goal so it is important to excel in it.

Pictionary in VR

Pictionary VR is quite like the regular version where one person draws, and another person must guess. The VR version has VR equipment which allows them to draw in three dimensions and adds much more detail.

Pictionary helps the team in developing imagination, and communication, and engages them in creative thinking through visual communication. 

Final thoughts

The use of virtual reality is rapidly expanding despite being a relatively new technology. The players get a brand-new opportunity to practice teamwork. And while using virtual reality is not a must, it can be an exciting way to experience team building.

Making sure the team participates in these kinds of activities and games will strengthen not only their collaboration but also their bond. This results in achieving communication, collaboration, and creative thinking which any organization needs to become successful in this highly competitive era.  

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