Onboarding gifts for new hires

When the employee is still new, the company has the responsibility to do everything to make the new hire feel welcomed. One way to do so is by taking care of onboarding gifts for new hires. 

These onboarding gifts do not have to be huge, expensive and luxurious. It mostly has to be something professional and useful for their everyday job in the company. Oftentimes these gifts can be office supplies, plants, calendars and more.

To find out what are some of the best onboarding gifts for new hires, check out this article we created. 

Flowers or sweets

flowers in the office

When starting a new employment relationship, we recommend getting to know the new employee. That can be done by asking them to fill out a short questionnaire even before starting training. One of the questions we recommend asking your employees is the following – what is your favorite sweet and flowers? 

It’s a small and harmless question, but if you put the said item on the employee’s desk on their first day at work, you’ll see how special and pleasant a surprise it will turn out to be. Saying nothing will convey an important message: “We heard what you had to say and we want to know what you like,” or “We want you to feel welcome, so we’re giving you this little greeting.” 

Decoration of the work desk

decoration for desk

In some companies managers have started the tradition of decorating the desks of new employees. The last employee hired should take care of this. You could give $20 to decorate the table of the newest employee. 

At the beginning of the tradition, it is usually just a couple of hand-drawn signs and balloons. But later on it can be a whole themed event and a mutual competition, where the employee tries to make the table decoration as unique as possible. This is a great example of healthy competition, surprising the new employee and making them feel welcome. What a wonderful way to compete and get other colleagues involved too!

Useful tech gifts

tech gifts

Modern jobs require the use of technology. Whether it’s a computer, keyboard, mouse, or (the most crucial) wifi password. Make sure that your new hires have the right access to the software, tools, and training they need to complete their work without difficulty. Don’t forget to install any necessary software or permissions on their workstation first.

And when speaking of onboarding gifts for new hires, tech gifts could be a good option. For example, those could be some handy wireless, noise canceling earphones. Especially if the work happens at the office or remotely at home. Then headphones will be very useful in the everyday workspace, at times when it gets hard to focus.

Office supplies

office supplies gift

Providing the necessities of a workday is the best way to welcome someone. The most fundamental yet essential component of any employee welcome kit is probably office supplies. It is a useful classic that will always be on top of priorities. It eliminates the need for the new hire to look for these items on their own by making sure they are included in their welcome kit.

Office supplies can include anything a worker would need on a daily basis for their job. These things are what we call “necessities,” and not having them might make it very difficult to complete a task. 

Here is a quick list of office products that will greatly simplify life for a new employee:

  • Notebooks
  • Pens, Markers, Highlighters
  • Post It notes
  • Laptop cases
  • Desk lights
  • Folders and storage boxes
  • Staplers and scissors
  • Desk calendars
  • Inspirational everyday notes
  • Desk cleaning supplies and so on.

An office mug or water bottle

water bottle for the office

Where there is an office, there is plenty of tea, coffee and water that employees consume. Therefore it would make a good and useful onboarding gift to give the new hires a sustainable water bottle or their own mug. Everybody needs a funky mugat work that they can use and that stands out.

It can always be the company’s logo or something related but it’s even more fun when these mugs are somehow customized to the employee. A sustainable water bottle will be a great, eco-friendly gift to use not only at work but outside of it too.

A fun and useful gift card

Onboarding gifts for new hires

For welcoming presents for new employees, gift cards work well. Gift cards are the ideal approach to let them select the gift they want because you have little to no idea what they enjoy. It gives them a wide variety of choices in which case the gift will always be what they want or need. 

Gift cards also let workers enjoy the buying process, which raises their level of satisfaction. Gift cards have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, affordability, and ease of distribution. Besides, it is a great and professional gift to give your employees, customers and managers.

Some greenery for the new work desk

Onboarding gifts for new hires

Desk plants make excellent welcome gifts to encourage and welcome new employees. Plants add a personal touch and a feeling of well-being to an otherwise bare workstation. It is a sort of decoration that everybody will accept and like. 

Desk plants will also show to be a fantastic stress reliever and air cleaner (snake plants). There are so many benefits to having some greenery around your work station that this makes amazing onboarding gifts for new hires. 

Interesting and useful books

books for new hires

The inclusion of books in the suggestions for onboarding gifts for new hires may seem odd at first, but there are valid reasons for it. Books are not only a fantastic way to unwind for a while, but they are also highly educational.

You will be teaching new hires manual how-tos by handing them books detailing their work tasks. You might also give them some of the greatest motivational speakers, who would uplift them whenever they are feeling down or conflicted. That way this kind of gift will be truly useful and pleasant to receive.

That is it from us for onboarding gifts for new hires. Hopefully some of these ideas were useful to you and your company!

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