Google onboarding gift

You might’ve noticed that we have sparked an interest in brand organizational settings and patterns. In our article Brands with the best organizational culture we have included Google as one of the best culture companies. That means that the onboarding process is also very reliable and carefully crafted.

So in this article we wanted to find out the need for onboarding gifts for employees and figure out how it works at Google. What is a traditional Google onboarding gift if there is any?

The need for onboarding gifts

First thing’s first –what are onboarding gifts and why do we need them. Well, onboarding is the process of starting a new job position and getting settled into it for about a 30-90 day period. There are all kinds of onboarding and each company mostly chooses the way to go, however onboarding can be applied not only to new employees, but also to customers and clients.

Onboarding gifts are a great gesture to make your newbies feel more welcomed. The gift doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. The best kind of onboarding gift is one that will be helpful at a job. Most companies try to stick to this method of onboarding gifting, including Google.

Google onboarding gift examples

So while doing a little bit of research, we have found a few Google onboarding gift examples to see what kind of welcome gifts they give to their new employees.

Google onboarding gift colorful

Colorful Noogler hat

The new Google employees are called Nooglers, it is the combination for Google and Newbie or new employee. Either way all of the new staff are getting special gifts and this hat is one of them. As it is known already, Google loves its colors therefore this hat is no exception. It is colored in all of the colors of the rainbow.

To let everybody around you know, it has the word Noogler on top of it. That way this hat will forever remind you of the first phase in Google and the time of your life spent working in this company. A welcoming souvenir if you will.

Useful stationary objects

An onboarding box is the first indication of regard for an employee. When a company prepares a welcome package, it increases the sense of exclusivity. And useful things in the onboarding gift set is one of the best things to receive. Therefore as we found out from the article Google Onboarding Gift, Google gives their employees stationary.

It is usually a classic set of some pencils, notebooks and so on. Everything has a Google name  written on it. Which, once again, could make you feel more proud about using these objects. At the end of the day – you work at one of the best brands worldwide – be loud and proud about it!

mac computer at google

Fun Google apparel

Another Google onboarding gift example we have seen is a bunch of Google apparel. This can mean a lot of things because we see different people get slightly different stuff. It could be a Google mug or a laptop case. It could also be a fun colorful t-shirt with the Google imprint right on top of it. 

Those who work remotely, also get a Mac laptop from Google. Therefore there is an extra added apparel to that too such as laptop cases and bags. However we are not sure that the on site employees do not get this too. They might.

So what do you think about the Google onboarding gift experience? Would you like to join the team? Are these gifts motivating enough for you? Let us know!

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