Accenture company culture

In order to manage a company successfully, it’s required to carefully develop company culture. A maintained company culture is one of the keys to success. Clearly defined values and developed model of principles is something that helps a company with both internal communication and with relationships with its clients. We have created a series of articles where we take a look at different companies’ cultures and values. It’s best to learn from excellent examples. One such example is shown by Accenture. Read further about Accenture company culture.

Accenture is an international company that specializes in IT services and consulting. In its niche, Accenture is one of the largest and most successful companies. In 2022, Accenture was recognized as one of the best workplaces in several countries: Argentina, Brazil, Japan, France, Philippines, and USA.

In this article you will find the following sections:

History of Accenture

Accenture company culture


History of Accenture

Accenture’s story began in the 50’s. At its beginning Accenture was a consulting department for the bookkeeping company Arthur Anderson. Only before the 90’s- in 1989 – Accenture separated and became an independent company. Back then the company was working under another name – Andersen Consulting – but in 2001 the name was changed. Accenture is an derivation from “Accent on the future”. The idea behind it was that the name should reflect their goal to become global consulting leaders. The person who came up with this name was Kim Petersen – one of the employees.

Since then Accenture has been growing continuously. It almost seems like Accenture is everywhere. They are working with Nokia, Visa, Warner Bros and many others. Their clients are based in more than 56 countries. Of course, to maintain such customer base, Accenture needs to match their employee resources. The number of employees working at Accenture is impressive: more than 373 000. Accenture has opened offices in different parts of the world: in India, Ireland, USA, Baltic states and other places.

Accenture company culture

Any business needs to clearly define its values to exist for a long time and to gain success. Accenture has come up with several core values that help them to move forward and attract employees that share the same mindset.

These core values are: one global network, best people, respect for the individual, integrity, client value creation and stewardship.

One global network

international team office

Accenture positions itself as an international company. Its offices are located all around the globe. Furthermore, unlike other companies of this scale, Accenture does not have one specific office for the leaders.

Accenture’s employees have colleagues and clients all around the world. No matter where the client is located, Accenture is ready to provide their services.

Best people

In order to provide the best service for its clients, Accenture needs to make sure that its employees meet a certain standard. Accenture hires the most talented of candidates. As an employee of Accenture, you should be ready for any challenge thrown your way. Accenture expects that people who work under their name will be able to find a solution to any problem.

However, it’s not that Accenture employees are on their own against the world. Employees are provided with a supportive environment, which is a great foundation to develop each individual’s talent. Feedback also plays an important role. Although their requirements are high, it does not mean that Accenture only is ready to work with those who are already qualified. Accenture provides training so that the ones who want to prove themselves in this company can gain the needed knowledge. It’s a place that allows people to learn and grow.

Respect for the individual

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Accenture is a place where every individual gets treated with respect. It’s a workplace where your expected to treat others with respect and receive the same attitude towards yourself. Accenture has clearly defined behavioral standards that employees must follow. It’s where everyone has the rights to feel safe and equal, no matter their background. Accenture is aware of the power of diversity.

Working together with people from different countries, employees have a chance to broaden their horizons, get new perspectives and develop ideas. One of the aims for this company is to have an equal amount of male and female employees by 2025. Accenture Baltics has developed special training called “She Goes Tech” to attract more females to the IT field.

Accenture believes that the company needs good examples. The leader has to carry this responsibility: to be a good example to their employees, showing how to create an environment that is respectful, ethical, and inclusive.


To be honest and to have clear moral principles are important for everyone, not just companies. It’s no surprise that integrity is one of the most cultivated things in Accenture company culture.

Accenture believes that each encounter should be based on integrity and trust. Words should match actions, and vice versa. Integrity is the base of their cooperation with clients. It’s the only way how to gain mutual trust. Accenture works according to law – both in regional and national scale.

Client value creation

handshake clients deal

Of course, one of the core values is clients. Employees are required to be helpful and to …, offering the best service possible. Accenture aim is to help their clients to become competitive businesses.

Accenture works hard to create strong long-term relationships with its clients. Some employees are required to travel regularly, in order to make a positive connection with their clients. Being focused on their customers also shows in their actions. In 2022, “Fortune” listed Accenture as one of the most loved companies worldwide, besides – 20 years in a row.


Although the values listed above are quite common for consulting companies, stewardship is something that makes Accenture stand out. It’s important for Accenture to make positive impact. The ability to act responsibility is something that improves company’s reputation.

Accenture values stewardship highly. It’s taking care of the surroundings, not only your company. Just as what their name implies – they’re not only thinking about today, but also about future generations.


Of course, the core values at Accenture are not the only reason for its success. However, it’s clear that these values have helped to create a satisfied and motivated international team, as well as to create successful and long-lasting relationships with its clients. Accenture does not treat its values only as good-sounding promises – they cultivate them in actions.

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