HBO company culture

HBO or Home Box Office by its full name is the most successful TV channel in the USA. HBO has created many iconic and loved TV series such as The Soprano Family, Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, and many more. But what’s behind so many great stories? In this article you can read about HBO company culture.

So many successful series and movies have turned HBO into some sort of symbol of high quality. It’s no surprise that HBO is one of the most popular TV channels in the world. It’s only possible to achieve such a level of excellence if you have clearly defined and realized your values. Read further to find out what are the core values at HBO and why they matter.

HBO company culture

HBO has summed up its core values. They are work/private life balance, respect, trust, equal opportunities, responsibility, and diversity. Further, you can read more about them.

Work and private life balance

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To lead a successful company, you need employees that are satisfied with their lives. Employees that are burnt out and always tired won’t be able to reach professional heights. HBO is aware that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to success in the long run.

HBO wants its employees to have free time that allows them to engage in hobbies, socialize and make their personal dreams to come true. A good work-life balance is what plays an important role in building long-lasting careers with the company. HBO is a company where you’ll be able to find employees who have been working there for decades.


Creating a united and successful team of employees is impossible without mutual respect. HBO lists respect as one of its core values because HBO without it’s hard to imagine a productive working environment. HBO has positioned itself as a work place where employees have a family-like relationship.  


HBO is one of the best in their niche. One of the things that is needed to achieve such quality is trust for your employees. Trust is also a principal key in building close and long lasting relationships.

Trust is also something that is crucial when working in a team – without trusting each other it’s impossible to maintain effective team work.

Equal opportunities

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HBO gives a chance to everyone – no matter their background, gender or orientation – to prove themselves as a capable employee and great team player. HBO is against discrimination and believes that everyone deserves a chance.

They are open to hiring anyone that suits the company’s standards, creating a team that consists of truly talented aspirants.


Both individual and shared responsibility is another important part of HBO’s company culture. HBO is aware of the impact they are able to leave on its viewers. That is why the content created is closely monitored – so it includes current topics and social problems.


HBO highly values diversity and is a good example of how to establish a workplace where individuals get treated respectfully. Thanks to a diverse team of employees, new ideas and solutions can emerge.

The company has created seven different organizations that stand for various interests. There are organizations for Latin American, Afro-American, and Asian cultures, women, veterans, and LGBT community. HBO employees are encouraged to grow both personally and professionally, while also being proud of their uniqueness.

HBO is only one of the good examples. There are many others to learn from.  You can read about their competitors Netflix.