Gift ideas for toddlers that parents will love too

A gift for a toddler is more straightforward than simple. Peppa Pig or Spiderman just run into a toy shop and are done until you notice that the parents of the bastard are sighing when they receive yet another dust-collecting soft toy.

A gift for the little one is also a gift for the parents. In this article, we’ve put together a selection of gift ideas for toddlers that consider today’s parents’ values: functionality, quality, environmentally and child-friendly materials, and fun.

Practical and beautiful water bottle

Practical water bottlefor children

Ever since we became aware of the environmental impact of single-use plastics, a personal water bottle has become a necessity for young and old alike.

The EQUA Rhino water bottle with a rhinoceros design is perfect for the little learner. For the schoolgirl, the cute Aladdin Zoo Bunny with bunny ears and snout. These bottles are BPA or toxin-free, lightweight, durable, airtight, and have the right volume for your child. Perfect for a kindergartener’s or first-grader’s backpack.

An exciting ride for an animal lover

children ridden a horse

Have you ever ridden a horse? Then you know it’s a memory that lasts a lifetime. This gift for your child – a horse ride – is much more than just a lovely adventure. Riding on an animal twice your size teaches you to overcome fears, build confidence and gain new experiences.

Various horse farms offer horse riding accompanied by an adult. It will be a bright and memorable event for the child and a ready-made idea for the parents for the following weekend.

An ant farm for nature researchers

ant farm

An ant farm will be a good gift idea for a child who is a true nature explorer and animal lover. This gift will be an exciting and unusual activity in that the whole family can get involved.

The ant farm will allow you to take care of the new inhabitants of the house while at the same time teaching your child care and responsibility for the little creatures. Ant farm is an original and educational gift that will become a new hobby for the child and the family.

Reliable balance bike

balance bike for children

Tiny, moving legs on these wheels have been see on the streets for a long time. And they’re still popular with children.

That’s no surprise. As it turns out, these wheels are suitable for a child’s physical development and greatly help parents. In total, a balance bike for children, or as it is also known, a Dip Dap. It is a bike that develops with the child and their abilities. The Dip Dap is designed to be learned independently and can adapt to the size of little ones from 2.5 to 5 years old.

Educational board game – puzzle

Educational board game

Puzzles are board game that is fun for young and old alike. It is a game that calms, encourages logical thinking, and develops patience.

A colorful puzzle is a good gift because it excites the child and encourages his development. It also allows spending quality free time with an educational game. It trains fine motor skills, logical thinking, and memory.

Soft blanket for the little ones

Soft blanket for the little ones

For those who are about to become or have recently become parents, the simplest things are comforting: clean, simple, and soft.

Different blankets combine all of these. Take the waffle duvet, for example – its waffle fabric is 100% cotton, breathable, and moisture-absorbent. It is, therefore, widely used wherever we look for softness – in dressing gowns, towels, and blankets. The waffle throw is soft and gentle on the skin, but most importantly, it is a simple and practical gift that will help both child and parent.

An evolving and exciting game

An evolving game for kids

Long ago, the TV set in the living room was the unifying element of a family. Today, Dad has Vikings on his computer, Daughter has a ballerina on her tablet, and Mum has a friend on her phone. While individual screens are convenient and practical, they significantly reduce the time the family spends together.

A forgotten but exciting pastime that brings people together is a variety of games. Time passes quickly, and heated arguments over games are a normal side-effect of family life that can be forgotten as everyone sits in their digital universe.

Gaming musical instrument

Gaming musical instrument for kids

Musical instruments are a great educational tool for children. It helps to develop different skills and encourages creativity. They develop dexterity of the hands and fingers, improve the precision of movement and help to develop an understanding of other sounds.

That is why children and parents appreciate the gift of a musical instrument. Music is an art, so playing with musical instruments is a way for children to express themselves in art.

Wooden blocks with letters

Wooden blocks with letters

Wooden toys are a real rarity today. They have a unique ability to enchant with their simplicity, the warm and natural smell of wood, and their ability to hold a particular nostalgia.

Wooden blocks stimulate the imagination and become bricks for a house, a chair for a doll, and a dangerous snake on the living room floor. It is an opportunity to learn and, one day, spell your name or Dad’s. Wooden blocks are a gift for a child with lasting value and will satisfy parents looking for simplicity and naturalness.

Warm and natural merino wool clothing

merino wool clothing

Every mum and dad wants the best for their baby. That’s why the clothes your child wears outdoors are essential. It protects your little one from cold, dampness, and discomfort.

Merino wool is a natural, breathable material that will keep your baby warm and prevent sweating. Merino wool clothing will be helpful and comfortable for the baby and the nursery. What more could a parent want? Perfect gift ideas for toddlers.

Gift ideas for toddlers are fun, convenience, and in harmony with parental values. May you find the best! If you don’t find the right gift for you, take a look at the other useful articles on our blog like Gifts for your brother or Gift basket ideas.