The adverse Amazon company culture

Amazon is one of the biggest brands in the world. It is a US technology company with cloud computing, e-commerce and artificial intelligence solutions as core areas of activity. Amazon has more than 1 million employees worldwide therefore Amazon company culture is a huge responsibility. 

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In this article we have summarized information about Amazon company culture – how it works and why it works so well.

Customer service at the heart of everything

First thing’s first – it is important to highlight the passion Amazon as a company has towards making their customers happy. They realize how that should be at the heart of everything else. Therefore customer service is a huge part of the company culture too. It has to be perfectioned. 

Amazon itself says that smart, driven individuals obsess over customers at Amazon and create on their behalf. More American employment than any other corporation have been created in the previous ten years by Amazon. These positions often pay $18 per hour, which is more than twice the federal minimum wage. They also support the success of their workers. 

Amazon will invest more than $1.2 billion to give employees free skill training, advancing their careers in tech and sought-after fields like cloud computing.

Amazon company culture

Learn-like meetings

Meetings at Amazon are conducted differently from those at other businesses. In contrast to other businesses, opinions and ideas considered when making business decisions are recorded in specific kinds of documents. These documents often have six pages or less. When discussing useful information, these materials greatly increase clarity.

The meeting attendees read these documents for at least 30 minutes before the discussion. A point from each page is pulled out during this meeting and carefully assessed before moving on to the next. Employees who want to contribute or ask a question won’t have to wait until the conclusion of the conversation, when they might forget what they wanted to say.

The use of PowerPoint is frowned upon in Amazon company culture because it disrupts the flow and clarity of meetings. They also prefer that employees devote more time to bolstering their claims rather than displaying designs and styles that add no value to the meeting.

Innovation is important

Amazon employees are encouraged to think creatively. They are pressured to respond and not leave problems unattended. Employees are urged to develop fresh concepts and remedies that resolve a dilemma.

Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos “emphasizes the need of constantly reviewing and altering Amazon’s culture so it never loses the agility, nimbleness, and desire for experimentation,” according to a statement. 

Bezos constantly criticizes “one-size-fits-all” cultures of decision-making as a result. Bezos also adheres to the “two pizza rule,” which states that the maximum number of attendees at a conference is the number of people who can be fed with two pizzas.

innovation is important

Startup culture mindset

Amazon continues to have the enthusiasm that most entrepreneurs do. It is the motivation and ongoing search for greatness that creates Amazon company culture. Most businesses that have achieved the degree of success that Amazon has gradually start to withdraw and let things happen without exerting as much effort as they did initially. 

The staff still puts in just as much effort as they did when Amazon was still attempting to establish its reputation. It is important to adopt Amazon’s consistent workplace culture.

Amazon makes an effort to maintain a startup mindset in terms of risk-taking, innovation, business flexibility, and “hunger” for success despite the enormous scale of the corporation, which has 1,3 million employees worldwide. 

Now you know a little bit more about Amazon company culture. What are your thoughts on it? 

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