A good company culture definition

Each company that has employees also has the responsibility to create a good and productive company culture to work in. Although it is most likely that everybody knows that a good company should respect their employees, pay them accordingly and so on. But what does it mean to have a good company culture definition?

Organizational culture is the values and beliefs that determine employee behavior and its evaluation. It has several levels – basic assumptions, values and behavior of employees.

In this article find out more on what is a good company culture definition and how it works in a real life environment. 

Company culture

More traditionally company culture is organizational culture. Every company is an organization that consists of people. And where there are people – there is always a culture of some sort.

The organizational culture of companies is, first of all, a process that takes time. In order to practice values in the organizational culture, the company must be demanding and develop rules to follow them.

For example, if a company’s declaration of values includes a commitment to care for the environment, a mandatory practice would be waste treatment by keeping waste in glass, plastic and cardboard containers. And in circumstances where a person violates this provision for depositing waste in the appropriate container, this would be grounds for a warning.

If the company value is respect for multiculturalism, it would be useful that the distribution of people hired is related to different ethnic, religious, skin color and/or national origin. For example, setting quotas for people from other cultures would be a good step.

It is crucial that every employee in the organization is aware of the values and upholds them in order for the organizational culture to be recognized.

company culture definition

A good company culture leads to efficiency

Since the 90s of the 20th century, it has been known that the culture of an organization is closely related to its efficiency. Although the most studied is the connection between customer service orientation components in organizational culture and customer satisfaction, however this connection is much broader.

If everybody is aligned in their values and feels appreciated and respected, working in this kind of environment is efficient. It automatically leads to better work results – higher productivity, efficiency and satisfaction.

Other good company culture pros are:

  • Smoother process of new employee recruitment;
  • Better onboarding process;
  • Employee development;
  • Clear vision of the goals;
  • Enhanced brand of the company;
  • Happiness all around.

We consider the onboarding process to be one of the most valuable pros of a good company culture definition. 

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