Most popular cycling apparel brands

The cycling market is growing fast every year and we don’t think it will stop any time soon. Cycling around on your bicycle – whether you do it for sports or for fun – is a good way to spend time outdoors, be active and just in general enjoy yourself.

Velosport has pretty much become the new golf. It can be an elite hobby that you need the special equipment for in order to do it professionally. Unlike golf, cycling is much more accessible because there’s no need for a specially prepared area. Cycling, too, can be an expensive hobby if you want to take everything from the top shelf quality wise.

In this article, let’s put the quality first and look at the leading brands of cycling apparel.

Rapha – colour the road ahead

rapha clothing

Rapha is a brand that was founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004. It makes the world’s finest cycling clothing for over 15 years. Their products have redefined comfort, performance, and style for cyclists from absolute beginners through to World Tour professionals.

Rapha is like a cycling Mercedes. Those who are excited about cycling are more likely to know what the Rapha brand is. They are not the most innovative, but everybody wants to wear them. It’s a top-class brand. Whichever product you choose, there’s a guarantee it will be perfectioned to the last seam with a restrained, Rapha-branded design. 

They themselves claim to be producing the world’s most comfortable bicycle shorts.

Castelli – Italian design and innovations

castelli clothing

Castelli is one of the most popular and oldest brands of Italian velo clothing. Since 1876, Castelli has been the tailor for the cycling champions. They invented the skinsuit, the sublimated jersey and the first Lycra short used in professional racing. This tradition of innovation continues today, inspiring them and influencing every product they make.

The brand Castelli is a permanent supporter and sponsor of Italian cycling championships. We particularly want to highlight the Gabba jacket they have created, which is one of the best innovations of recent years.

MAAP – comfort in motion

maap velo clothing

The brand MAAP was created in Australia. There is not a very high level of innovation with this particular brand, but products are very well designed to be able to deal with a variety of nuances. Combining a functional design with an aesthetic creates a great balance.

Since the environment is important for us, it’s needed to say that MAAP is a socially responsible brand that uses sustainable materials to develop its products. In this way, they guarantee not only excellent quality but also a good impact on nature. 

The brand is also fun to follow on social media – they create great content.

4Cyclists – Race Apparel For Everyday Riding

4cyclists velo latvia

4Cyclists is a brand that’s been created in Latvia. Their aim has always been to create suitable clothing for both individual cyclists and teams to be able to achieve the highest possible results. Their clothing is easy, comfortable and suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

Specifically talking about this brand, there is no fear of experimenting with the introduction of different innovations. They regularly try to find the best solutions to existing problems – gear and clothing that’s too heavy, not comfortable enough, not wind-proof etc.

This is one of the rare “small” brands that produce locally rather than taking an easy way out to  production giants in Asia. Everything is produced only after an order is received, so you can easily access a variety of individualization options. This brand is the official clothing sponsor of Latvian cycling teams.

ASSOS – not made, EVOLVED

assos clothing

This is definitely not the cheapest brand, but the products it creates can justify the high prices. The brand’s history stretches to the far 1970s, during which ASSOS has been able to conquer the hearts of thousands of velo drivers with high-quality clothing.

ASSOS has the quality of Swiss watches in the velo clothing industry. Very high-quality products at such a high price. Brand’s products and clothing especially stands out with an innovative approach. All the fabrics are produced in Switzerland. 

The brand is the official sponsor of the Swiss and U.S. cycling teams.

Pedal Ed – made to explore the world

pedal ed japan

Brand Pedal Ed was born in Tokyo, Japan by designer Hideto Suzuki. Products and clothing are made to explore the world. Their collections of cycling jerseys, bibs, outerwear and accessories are the real deal. Tested in the hardest races in the world to stand the test of time.

The aim of the brand is to provide the most comfortable equipment for those whose daily lives consist of very long-distance driving and various ultra-competitive events. In fact, all brand production is produced in Italy. 

The products of this brand will be perfectly suited both for daily use and for long adventures on bikes. 

To cycle with confidence, apparel is important! Hope you enjoyed this article and found it to be useful!

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