What is carVertical?

In this article, let us tell you about the carVertical VIN checker, the history of it and why it’s suggested to use before buying a used car.

In many cases, the purchase of a used car has been a great headache at least once in everyone’s life. And we all have heard stories of the notorious car resellers. Often their motivation is just a quick profit at the expense of little car knowledge in people.

When inspecting a used car there isn’t always a way of checking it in a trusted workshop. The car check of a professional isn’t cheap either. The used car market was in desperate need of a tool at a reasonable price that could swiftly assess the condition of a vehicle before it was purchased. That is why carVertical was created.

Start-up stage of the company

For the carVertical team, the idea of setting up the company came in 2017 and its founders were Lithuanians Roku Medonis, Arnoldas Vasiliauskas, Audrius Kučinska, Roberta Boravsky. They worked together to create a tool that would help people avoid fraudsters when buying a used car.

In 2019, carVertical created its first global auto history register. Since then, the company has managed to expand in more than 25 national markets – Estonia, Lithuania, France, Sweden and many other countries.

It continues to expand by enhancing the transparency of the used car market. Helping customers make better choices before purchasing a car. At the moment, carVertical has already reported 22.3 million reports. It continues to attract about a million unique users each month and employs more than 70 permanent employees.

Carvertical company characteristics

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Carvertical is a company that delivers full-scale vehicle history data in clear and easy-to-read reports that assist in determining a car’s correct mileage. Reports can also assist to discover the truth about accidents and damage. As well as whether the car was stolen, the true market value, and so much more.

The company focused more on matching up the B2C business model. That is meeting the demand of private car buyers. In the 2021 second-half of the year carVertical has rapidly increased its B2B sector relations. CarVertical has entered into various contracts with second-hand car vendors and even with official car dealers in different countries.

Why you need to use carVertical?

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Carvertical auto history reports are based on data from more than 900 international databases. They belong to national car registers, insurance companies, law enforcement authorities, official dealer garages and various other institutions. It is the world’s first register of automobile history based on blockchain.

All information is gathered from these databases and presented in an easy-to-understand format. The reports assist car buyers in avoiding stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in accidents, or vehicles with false mileage, also known as odometer fraud. All of this at more affordable prices for customers, comparing it with other carVertical alternatives.

All you need to get a car report is its VIN number, which is unique identification code for each car.

The price of the service

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CarVertical offers customer friendly and competitive prices that will be available to everyone. In addition to the low prices, the company often makes collaboration with various influencers by providing them discount codes. The discount codes can help to reduce the price of the product.

The best offer is to buy a three-report package at once for €23.97, saving 43%. There is also a possibility to buy a two-report set for €19.98 or one for €9.99.

Another significant advantage in price is that carVertical reports generate in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to wait weeks to get a complete history of a vehicle.

Client support

Since every carVertical customer is important to them. The company provides 24/7 support on the home page to answer important questions arising from the use of the service in both email and telephone or online.

We hope you found this article about carVertical interesting and that it will be useful the next time you are looking for your next car!

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