Ultimate gifts for Star Wars fans

Star Wars was the first epic science fiction space adventure to be told on a grand scale. It was the first movie to jump into the marketing community and steal the hearts of so many fans so fast. Since the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, it has licensed nearly $25 billion worth of products – ranging from action figures to video games to books to decors etc.

Since there are so many Star Wars merchandise and products, it makes a good gift idea for a true Star Wars fan. Name anything your friend would want for their birthday – we bet there’s that exact item available in the theme of the great Star Wars series.

In this list we’ve compiled 10 fun and quirky gift ideas both for kids and grownups, that are Star Wars related. 

Happy gift hunting!

3D illusion night lamp

gifts for Star Wars fans

Cool and unique lamps are often a great gift idea. They can be useful for creating the right vibe as well as being amazing interior decors. This Star Wars night lamp includes 3 realistic shape design patterns of Darth Vader, The Mandalorian and of course Baby Yoda.

This lamp can be controlled by a remote and smart touch – brightness and color of the lights can be adjusted both by remote control and touch. This is a cool gift idea for a real Star Wars fan – suitable for living room, bedroom, even office etc.

Possibly the coolest Corkcicle in the galaxy

gifts for Star Wars fans

Hydrating throughout the day has never felt cooler! These Star Wars cockcicles are the perfect gift that is both unique and useful. There are a bunch of different designs so you can choose your favorite Star Wars character in the form of a cool water bottle. The choices are – Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, C-3PO and of course R2-D2. In the photo above we’ve put Darth Vader – R2-D2 – C-3PO and Stormtrooper.

These bottles not only look amazing but are also very functional. They include screw-on cap, silicone bottom and are absolutely BPA free. Triple layer insulation makes your drink stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 25. 

Star Wars graphic t-shirt

gifts for Star Wars fans

T-shirts are one of the most worn pieces of clothing by practically everyone. They’re so easy to throw on and still look stylish. Needles to say, graphic t’s aren’t going out of style anytime soon. So why not surprise your friend with a cool Star Wars graphic t-shirt for their birthday?

It’s a cool logo t-shirt, that can be worn both around the house and out and about. Pair it with a cute pair of denim jeans and you’re ready for the day!

Star Wars mouse pad

gifts for Star Wars fans

For somebody who spends a lot of their time by the computer, a quality mouse pad is a must. And why get a simple mouse pad if you can get a fun one? Star Wars themed mouse pad can be a cool gift idea that’s also a useful one.

This exact mouse pad is perfect for gaming because of its large size. The natural rubber bottom of the mouse mat remains stable even in the most intense gaming process. And it’s always nice to look down at your desk and see all the StarWars characters beside you. With this mouse mat, the force is always with you – in every game.

StormTrooper Toaster

gifts for Star Wars fans

For somebody who loves to cook, kitchen gadgets can be a good gift idea for birthdays or Christmas! If you know somebody who might need a new waffle maker, pot or pan, or, for example, a new toaster, there probably is one with Star Wars reference! Like this one – the most original StormTrooper toaster ever seen! 

 Not only does this trooper make the most perfect slices of toast, it also burns an imperial crest on the bread. Now that’s a good start to each morning, isn’t it?

Star Wars bracelets

gifts for Star Wars fans

Fun and quirky pieces of jewellery can also be Star Wars themed. A perfect gift idea for your friend or even girlfriend can be a bracelet with Darth Vader, R2-D2, StormTrooper and some others. Each bracelet in the Star Wars collection is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth: water from Mt Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. 

What makes this an even more special gift, is the fact that for each Star Wars Collection Lokai sold, this brand will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish to help grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses. It’s the perfect good karma gift – good karma points for you, fun gift for a friend and a helpful hand in charity!

Star Wars theme song wooden music box

gifts for Star Wars fans

For music lovers, a hand made wooden musical box is an amazing gift idea. The musical box is made of wood, compact and high-quality. The exquisite surface carved by hand around the cute little music box is especially eye-catching on the table. And since it isn’t too big, it naturally doesn’t take up much space.

It doesn’t require batteries since you can play the music by turning the handle. It will play the beautiful Star Wars songs and make you remember the plot of the wonderful and complex story. This gift can also be a cool and unique home decoration.

LED glowing saber chopsticks

gifts for Star Wars fans

A silly gift yet one that everybody would love to own, are glowing chopsticks. Simply glowing chapsticks would already be pretty cool, only these ones are even more special – they are glowing saber chopsticks resembling Star Wars! Chopsticks are made with longer lasting plastic, though BPA free.

The seller already said it best – it’s time to impress all your guests with your epic lightsaber chopsticks, which will take your sushi nights to another star galaxy, far, far away! 

R2D2 coffee maker

gifts for Star Wars fans

Even more kitchen gadgets that will help you impress your guests – a cool and unique R2-D2 coffee maker. It’s small so it won’t take up alot of space although it will definitely catch anyone’s eye. Just imagine a R2D2 shaped coffee maker sitting on the counter in your kitchen. 

This coffee maker is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, it’s scratch and shatter resistant, as well as durable. It comes with a stainless steel filter, fine mesh, great filter effect. For everyone who loves Star Wars and coffee, this gift is a must.

Star Wars phone case

gifts for Star Wars fans

A cool phone case is one of the most important accessories. Nowadays that everyone has a phone, a stylish phone case can say a lot about a person. For example, it can tell others that you really like Star Wars and are a huge fan. How? By owning a Star Wars phone case, of course.

These phone cases not only look amazing but are also highly functional. They’re ultra-slim while also being ultra-protective. The graphic designs are one of the coolest ones we’ve ever seen. They are truly artsy and everyone, who appreciates graphic design, will love these!

Hopefully you’ve found yourself or your friends a great birthday gift! For more gif ideas look up our other articles such as TOP gift ideas for men.

Check out more gift ideas in this youtube video.

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