Tesla company culture

Tesla is a company that manufactures solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles. In 2008, Tesla created the world’s first electric sports car. This company has grown steadily over the past 19 years, becoming a serious rival to internal combustion cars. Read about Tesla company culture and their core values, which have contributed to the development of a genuinely ambitious company.

Doing the best

tesla male employer working office

Some of the best professionals in the sector work at Tesla. Employees are required to be seriously committed to their work in order to provide remarkable results. This company hires individuals who have proven themselves already; therefore, the management has high expectations for their employees.

This is a company that expects its employees to have ambitions and skills to realize them. Employees are encouraged to think like the owners. Work hours are quite long – 12-hours.

Taking risks

The ability to take risks is the core of this company’s story. The idea of electric cars itself was quite risky. Not everyone thought that electric cars will gain popularity and will be able to compete with standard cars. It was the opposite – the idea of electric cars was almost like a joke to others.

However, it was a risk that paid off. Even more – literally, too. In 2022, 2.3 million people were driving Tesla cars. The number of clients is growing approximately by 0.1 million monthly. Naturally, risk-taking is one of Tesla’s core values.

Constant learning

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Tesla is a part of a highly competitive industry. Therefore, constant learning is one of the values at Tesla. Learning new things helps to create a work environment where people generate new ideas and find new solutions. Even if it’s challenging at times, in the end everyone wins.

All the newbies are required to undergo training “Tesla Start”. The purpose of this training is not only to introduce new employees to the work environment and their tasks but also to show the importance of teamwork. Tesla’s employees are encouraged to practice some informal education methods and share their knowledge with others.  


Tesla has almost 100 000 employees. It’s an impressive number. In order for such a big team to function effectively, the work relationships need to be respectful. Tesla is creating a work environment that is inclusive and honest, where people do not get discriminated because of their gender, race, or other factors. Tesla values both individuality and the ability to work in a team.

Environmental consciousness

tesla batteries renewable resources

As Elon Musk has stated himself, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass-market electric cars to market. However, there’s more. Tesla does not stop there. They are also producing batteries and solar panels. In 2021, Tesla’s clients avoided emitting 8.4 million metric tons of CO2e. Tesla produces more energy than they consume. Tesla’s aim is to reduce the impact on the environment, by using renewable resources, recycling materials and preserving biodiversity.

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