How to make sure your store display stands out

Putting together displays is a crucial step to increasing sales and brand recognition. Product merchandising, which involves strategically arranging and marketing products in a store, can have a significant impact on a company’s ability to prosper. Especially if you’re just starting out, you must know how to make sure your store display stands out.

Your store may attract the proper kind of customer, resulting in repeat business, increased transaction values, and social sharing. Even as hybrid shopping experiences continue to gain popularity, consumers are still eager to make in-person purchases at brick and mortar stores.

So in this article see our favorite tips on how to make sure your store display stands out, which will be useful for both small and big brands.

Put out seasonal products

Customers are more inclined to make repeat visits if they expect to see something new each time. With a new season, usually new products are coming out. Keep track of special occasions, holidays, dates for receiving new products, and seasonal changes that may affect your in-store merchandising.

Seasonal plants can help improve displays and create a pleasant shopping experience in the correct store environment. You may also refresh your product displays when you have new products to get customers excited about what’s available. Even if there is no special occasion to do so. 

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Light up your displays properly

There are different kinds of lighting available to light up your store displays. Decide the overall vibe you are going for and keep it properly lit. Without creating an uncomfortable or glaring setting, your main lighting fixtures should be bright enough for everyone to see the products.

In order to draw customers’ attention to your newest products, accent lighting should also be used in your focus points and window displays. From there, consider using decorative lights to provide additional color. 

Draw in customers with fragrance and sound

You may draw in your customers to your shop not only by looks, but also making sure other senses are activated too. Try out creating displays that encourage your new clients to pick items up, smell them, or touch them. As part of the presentation, think about lighting one of the aromatic candles you sell, for example.

Any things you sell that are packaged such that clients can hold them in their hands should be unboxed as a sample.

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Choose original display stands

While creating an original exhibit, think about display stands that will be original too. Think of installing floating shelves around your store, using benches or wooden crates as shelves. Something unique that other stores nearby do not have.

A fashionable ladder display stand can be used to hang clothing, towels, bandanas, and other items after placing smaller items in trays or baskets. An amazing example is led by the brand  ColorWood. They create all kinds of displays that are made entirely out of reused wood. Their wooden crates and floor display stands are especially popular so make sure to check them out.

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Play with color combos

And last but not least, make sure to play with colors in your displays. How a product is presented can be greatly changed by a successful color scheme. See what colors your products have and from then simply try to figure out a color scheme that would represent your store well.

Try to limit your color pallet to one main color and two or three accent colors in order to avoid producing a crowded or overwhelming atmosphere. Keep your color scheme uniform across all of your marketing channels as well to improve brand identification.

These were our main tips on how to make sure your display stands out!

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