Gift ideas for parents

Your parents are one of the most important people in your life, so in times of birthdays or other celebrations it’s only natural to want to give them the best present. Parents definitely deserve the world and while that thought seems to complicate finding the perfect gift, it isn’t all that difficult.

While choosing an appropriate gift for your parents, it’s common to pick something practical, something that brings them joy or let’s them spend quality time together.

In this article we’ve collected some great gift ideas that will do all of the above. Knowing your parents wants and needs will greatly help in choosing the right gift for both of them – separately or together.

1. Wine tasting

Gift ideas for parents

If your parents love wine, then a good gift could be a wine tasting trip. They’ll be able to make a whole day of adventures out of it. Wine tastings doesn’t mean simply going to drink wine. There’s so much more to it – the beautiful wine gardens, history of wine making, great conversation, different kinds of wine and cheeses. 

This gift will allow your parents to go taste different wines and learn more about them. Since long ago, it has been believed that the use of good quality wine in a moderate quantity provides a long lifetime, a vigilant mind and good health. This is a sophisticated and flavored gift that will be appreciated.

2. Flight in a hot air balloon

Gift ideas for parents

Flying in a hot air balloon is an exciting adventure that not everyone can afford or experience in their lifetime. Although it’s certainly something everyone should try to do at least once in their life. This is a gift that is active throughout the year – give your parents a gift card and they’ll be able to fly whenever they will want to. Look at the snowy winter, the glorious autumn, the green summer or the blossoming spring. 

The flight takes place within an hour. Take-off is slow and gradual, while landing is always a surprise in terms of location. If parents have never flown before in a balloon, then it is time to give them this opportunity. Enjoying the snow-covered fields during Christmas, and frozen rivers and lakes could be a truly magical Christmas gift for your parents. 

3. Fun family photoshoot

Gift ideas for parents

Family is the most important thing there is and to come together, even if it’s only a few times a year, is always a pleasure. Mostly parents are the ones who enjoy family coming together the most so a great gift idea is a family photoshoot. Firstly, it will make new memories. Getting ready for a photoshoot can be really fun – getting all dressed up and pretty, thinking of fun ways to pose for pictures etc.

After photoshoot it’d be nice to create beautiful greeting cards or print a picture or two on a canvas. This too is a great gift for Christmas – holiday photo sessions are usually offered with beautiful decorations and lights. Parents would probably greatly appreciate a shared family photoshoot with children and even grandchildren. For them it would mean a great deal.

4. Dance lessons

Gift ideas for parents

Dancing gives great health benefits – both physical and mental. Choose a dance your parents would like to learn and make them commit to it. They will learn to trust each other in a completely new way, meanwhile spending great time together.

It can be a completely new dance they’ve never known how to dance, or a refresh of the knowledge of classical waltz. The main purpose of the gift is to take care of your parents – make them stay active and moving,  and have a good time together.

5. Practical online shop gift card

Gift ideas for parents

Shopping online is more and more convenient every day. Also it’s a very fast way to get everything you could ever need from the comfort of your own home. A gift card in an online store is a universal gift for those who are happy to choose what they want themselves. It could be a variety of house and garden supplies, beauty and health products, new clothes and accessories etc.

Not all of the time, but often parents are unable to give up their old furniture and gadgets, and are caught with the idea that if they are still working, there is no need for a new one. A gift card for an online store can be a good reason to finally get a better TV, much needed kitchenware, new garden pool, house plants, bikes and so much more. The more universal the store, the more to choose from.

6. Relaxing SPA treatment

Gift ideas for parents

SPA hotels are constantly evolving. People like to relax – lay by the pool, enjoy massages and the absolute peace far away from the city noise. At any given time parents certainly deserve to be alone in a relaxing environment, sharing soothing SPA rituals and treatments. It’s a great gift for birthdays or anniversaries that will show care and love for your parents.

Ggreat choice from the many SPA treatments offered is clay treatment and couple’s massages. It’s a great way for a couple to enjoy peace and silence. Although the best option would be a gift card since parents will be able to enjoy the SPA procedures of their choosing. Here’s a gift for a weekend full of relaxation and quality time together!

7. Romantic dinner in a restaurant

Gift ideas for parents

Quality time spent together is very important at any stage of relationship. Especially if people have been together for many years – it’s just as important to go on little fun dates as it was in the beginning of dating. Romantic dinner is  a gift that will remind your parents of how much they enjoy each other’s company.

Besides going to a fancy restaurant is something none of us do often enough. Any day can be a cause for celebration. By giving your parents a restaurant gift card they will be able to choose the date when to go have that dinner. It can be planned or spontaneous – that’s for your parents to decide. Restaurant dates are the best because they allow you to taste exquisite food meanwhile having the best conversation.

8. A new toolbox for dad

Gift ideas for parents

If your dad is one of those who always have to keep his household together – everything has to be fixed and put together – then a useful gift idea would be a new toolbox. There are a handful of instruments that are most commonly used and therefore could definitely use a fresh re-stock. 

A gift card for instruments is an even better gift idea, because your dad will choose new tools of his choice. For a real homeowner who is always repairing broken things with his own hands, a toolbox is an important asset to have at home. Besides the toolbox could always use an upgrade – instruments lose their vigour and practicality, and tool functions are regularly improved for more convenient use.

9. New kitchen gadgets for mom

Gift ideas for parents

If your mom loves to spoil the family not only with delicious dinners, but also with yummy cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other treats, then we have a great gift idea. Just as dad can never have too many tools, mom will never have too many kitchenware, especially for baking. New gadgets are constantly being made – more advanced blenders, mixers, steamers etc.

This is an especially great gift idea for the holiday season. There is a time when freshly baked gingerbread and chocolate cookies will fill every home’s air. Particularly useful gift idea for a mom who loves to bake,  will be pastry forms, new baking pans, icing bags, a variety of useful cutlery and other things she might use.

10. Cool t-shirts with original print

Gift ideas for parents

A t-shirt is the most universal piece of clothing that everyone wears no matter their own personal style. A simple, classic white or black t-shirt can go a long way –you can always pair it with a pair of jeans or shorts. Or dress it up with some jewellery and layers of other clothes on top. Fun t-shirts with a unique design could be a fun gift idea for one or both of your parents.

To make this gift more special and personalised, choose a graphic print that your parents will relate to. It can be their favorite band or movie, or you can go even further and choose a print of their favorite memory – picture or anything of your choice. The most important thing that you’ll show with this gift is the care and love for your parents. That’s the most important thing in every holiday.

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Good luck with finding the best gift for your parents! 

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