Gift basket ideas

A gift basket is a classical present. It’s a great way how to congrat your family members or friends on their birthday, graduation or when you simply want to make their day better.

In this article we gathered five different ideas for the perfect gift basket. You will find:

A classic gift basket

This is a great gift basket for different kind of events and different people. It’s full of delicious and nutritious goods. It’s something that will be useful for anyone who likes to cook, enjoys some honey to their tea and likes to snack!

This gift basket contains:

  • Jams
  • Spices
  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Different kind of cookies/snacks/candies

A gift basket for her

If you want to give a gift basket to your girlfriend, mother, sister or female co-worker, here’s an idea for one!

This gift basket contains:

  • A body scrub
  • A scented candle
  • Dark chocolate
  • Their favorite coffee or tea
  • A face roller

It has everything to make her feel good, relaxed and warm! A beautiful scented candle not only smells nice, but it can also add a nice touch to the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of her room or home. Choose any of her favorite coffees or teas. If you want this basket to have more of a relaxed-evening-feel choose tea or coffee that has no caffeine, for example, rooibos tea.

While chocolate is mostly seen as unhealthy, dark chocolate is the way to go! It contains a lot of soluble fiber and minerals and may reduce heart disease risk.

The face roller improves blood circulation in the face, decreases puffiness, soothes the skin. On top of that, it’s a long term product. A body scrub promotes skin hydration, removes dead skin cells and even reduces stress.

A gift basket for him

A great gift basket for your boyfriend, father, brother, friend or male co-worker.

This basket contains:

  • Snacks
  • A sustainable coffee mug
  • Fun socks
  • Protein bars
  • Coffee

Is he going to love this? Absolutely! A sustainable coffee mug will last him for years and will be his new best friend, wherever he goes. It will keep his coffee hot for hours. Put his favorite coffee brand in the basket. If he rather drinks tea, then go for a nice selection of teas.

If he works out or has a busy schedule, he will appreciate the protein bars. It’s an easy way to add protein, vitamins, carbs and minerals to one’s diet. It’s a great between-meals and pre/post workout snack. To make this basket more fun and colorful, throw some fashionable, noticeable socks in there. There can’t simply be too many socks. And, finally, some snacks – salty, sweet or both.

A gift basket for parents

A gift basket for your parents – either it’s their anniversary or you just want to surprise them.

This gift basket contains:

  • Matching slippers
  • Essential oils
  • Fresh fruits
  • Syrups

The matching slippers are just… cute! It’s one of the things people don’t usually buy often, therefore they might appreciate the change. There are different kinds of matching slippers – either they match by the color or they have some matching texts on them. Fresh fruits are essential part of a healthy diet, so make sure they get all the vitamins they need. If they don’t live nearby and you worry that the fruits will go bad, choose dried food or nuts instead.

Essentials oils have many benefits. First of all, they simply smell nice and make home feel even more home-y. Secondly, they reduce stress, improve sleep and can improve one’s well-being. Choose oils that are made from natural ingredients.

Different kinds of syrups is a great thing to keep at home. Especially, when the cold season is just around the corner. Syrups make a great drink, they can be used in sauces marinades and desserts. Extra points, if you make the syrup yourself!

A ‘get well soon’ gift basket

If your friend or family member is sick, a gift basket might not cure them… but it will definitely make them feel a little better.

This gift basket contains:

  • Warm socks
  • A comfortable bathrobe
  • A big cup
  • A tea selection
  • Vitamins

Soft socks are not just cozy, they will make their feet warm. Go for a bigger capacity kind of mug so they don’t need to refill it often and drinks enough water. Add their favorite tea or tea selection, so they can mix it up and doesn’t get bored by one type. A comfortable bathrobe is easy to wear, it’s warm and is ‘must have’ when one doesn’t have much strength to dress up.

Last but not least – vitamins! Zinc, selenium and vitamin D are known as the immune system’s boosters. Help them get on their feet back faster! You can also add a hand-written ‘get-well-soon’ card, because sometimes it’s the positive and kind words that helps us the most.

If you still feel unsure about some of the gifts, you can always add a small gift card so they can go shopping once they feel better. Find out where to buy gift cards. And, now, wrap it up!

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