Best outlet stores in Germany

There are many reasons why you would want to travel to another country.  One of them definitely being shopping. If you happen to pass by Germany, you must check their outlet stores.

They have everything imaginable: shoes, jewelry, household wares and designer items. What’s even better: they have many bargains althrough the year. You won’t come out with empty hands – that’s for sure.

Wolfsburg: designer outlets

Located in Lower Saxony, the second-largest state in Germany, there’s Wolfsburg. It’s a place that’s a must visit for anyone who considers themselves a shopaholic.

Wolfsburg has over 90 outlet stores. It is the first city-center outlet in the country. And it has some beautiful scenery as well – the shopping area is next to a river.

Wolfsburg is offering their customers various brands along with tax free shopping. They’re also providing up to 70% discounts, no matter what time of the year it is.

Wolfsburg designer outlets location

Herzogenaurach: PUMA and adidas outlets

Herzogenaurach is the hometown of the Dassler family. Who are they? Two brothers – Rudi and Adi Dassler –   both aimed to create the very best shoes for athletes. Therefore they founded PUMA and adidas back in 20th century. Up to this day, they’re the biggest names in the sportswear industry – right after Nike.

There are both outlet stores of PUMA and adidas in  Herzogenaurach. It is where you should go if you are in a need of sports gear, footwear and sportswear – all for the best deals possible.

PUMA outlets location

puma sneakers

Metzingen: Hugo Boss outlet

Similarly to PUMA/adidas, the outlets of Hugo Boss are located in the city where the brand was founded. There you will find discounts up to even 70%. Casual clothing, business wear, sportswear, bags, shoes, accessories – you name it.

You can merge visiting Hugo Boss with other outlets that can be found in Metzingen, for example, Reebok. Two birds, one stone!

Hugo Boss outlet location

Berlin: Designer Outlet B5

The very first outlet store in Germany. You can find there over 100 designer brands of clothes and accessories. If you and your family need new clothing, this outlet with its wide selection will get you covered (no pun intended!).

Since shopping can sometimes also be a little tiring, there are restaurants and cafes where you can sit down, relax and enjoy a nice meal. If you’re going there with children, there’s also a children’s play area and baby-changing rooms.

Designer outlet B5 location

Zweibrucken: Style Outlets

Zweibrucken is an ancient town near Germany-France border. The Style Outlets have about 130 brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Puma, Nike, WMF and many more. They offer discounts up to 70% off and tax-free shopping, including non-EU visitors.

The Style Outlets offer relaxed shopping experience. You can choose from different cafes to have your meal in and/or have a refreshing freshly squeezed juice to get more energy. There are also special areas for children, baby-changing rooms and resting areas.

The Style Outlets location

Get your suitcases ready, take your weekend off and go shopping to Germany!

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