Banana Republic – brand’s story 

Banana Republic is a popular store mostly in North America, they have around 550 stores there and about 20 stores in Japan. Originally this brand was targetting people who need clothing for safari adventures. Nowadays, Banana Republic is one of the most popular stores that offer style and luxury.

In this article we decided to dig a little bit deeper and find out what is the story of this brand. 

So come along and find out what is the Banana Republic’s story and mission to fulfill.

The beginning of the brand

Banana Republic was founded in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler. Funny enough they originally called this company “Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company”. Their goal was to offer appropriate and stylish clothing for those who go on holidays, experience other cultures and adventures.

The founder couple were from California therefore that is the birthplace of the Banana Republic brand. Today the demographic of the brand is quite wide, reaching customers aged 15 to 65. Banana Republic creates clothing that is the mixture of style and what it used to be – conservative and respectable.

Another interesting detail about the brand is the name of it. First thoughts are about bananas themselves – what about bananas? It reminds us of this article we have come around recently called Is banana a berry, fruit or vegetable

All jokes aside, the banana republic term is an actually derogatory term often used to describe countries plagued with a variety of problems. By Oxford Dictionary, Banana republic is a derogatory term meaning

 “a small nation, especially in Central America, dependent on one crop or the influx of foreign capital”.

Accessible luxury for men and women

brand luxury Banana Republic

Nowadays Banana Republic is a well known brand all over the world who offer mostly luxurious pieces for those who can afford it. They are by now known for their luxury apparel that is made for those who want to live an elegant lifestyle.

The brand itself is very inclusive showing off not only in the design of photos but also the clothing itself. For example, in their store you will find some heritage pieces such as expedition jackets, suede explorer vests and so much more. 

You can definitely tell they have their own unique style to offer to the public. Starting all the way from simple safari looks they have now made it into high fashion looks. 

Banana Republic is now a place not only for men and women to shop, but they also have a baby line introducing baby clothing too.

The Journal of Adventure

journal of adventure

What is quite amazing for the customers to see and interact with is the Banana Republic’s Journal on their website. They made it into almost like a blog that has regular new issues giving people tips, spreading their campaign and updating on the company’s actions.

The Journal is filled with beautiful photos and memories from the brand’s photoshoots and as the journal says itself – adventures. This brand sure does give a taste of adventure that you simply want to be a part of.

This Banana Republic’s journal is being used for important issues too, such as participating in donations. For example, one of the last posts tells us about Giving Tuesday. Banana Republic was matching donations up to 100’000 $ for the World Wildlife Fund. We always find it very respectable when huge brand names use their platform for good.

Earth Adventure – sustainability

Banana Republic mission

Besides donating, the Banana Republic is also trying to be conscious of their clothing’s effect on the Earth. Since the brand is so closely connected to safari, we would think they’d be into sustainability too. And they are trying as much as they can at the moment, the website tells us.

The commitment to making better decisions regarding their clothing and other types of products is there. The founders of the brand traveled the world to modernize and make their own clothing. Keeping the spirit of adventure and sustainability alive, the same mindset continues to live on today. 

By 2023 Banana Republic has a goal to use 100% cotton in their products. At the moment they have reached a total of 87% of their goal. By that same year they are planning to use at least 50% sustainable fibers. Right now at the time of the writing of this article they have reached 63% of that goal.

We are glad to see the change happen, even if it they are taking it step by step!

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