After work activities with colleagues

After work activities with colleagues are a necessary form of spending some quality time and bonding about common interests. Without them we can work with the same team of people in the office and never really get to know them.

There are a lot of after work activities with colleagues that can be done. The most important part to take care of is to make sure that everybody feels included. It might be a good idea to ask the employees to answer some questions about preferred activities and so on.

If you don’t have any ideas on after work activities with colleagues, you will find some of our favorite options in this article.

Movie club

After work activities with colleagues

The most popular topic of conversation in the lounge, apart from the weather, is definitely the most watched movies and TV series. Why not create it as an activity you can do with colleagues after work then? 

The concept is simple and can be structured as desired. One episode a week or a whole season in a month. Pre-arranged discussion topics or individual reviews. In addition, colleagues who work remotely can also be easily involved by joining the conversation in a video conference. Or an alternative is simply going to a movie or creating movie night in the office.

A common resolution

After work activities with colleagues

It is well known that commitment to resolutions is not always easy to keep. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, other times it’s really hard to stick to the tasks every day. That’s why choosing a common resolution with colleagues is a great option. You choose one challenge that each of you is ready to fulfill for 30 days. 

Motivate and look after each other, work together, and you will definitely not only succeed in achieving the goal, but also have a great time and stay motivated. The resolution can be anything – read more books, get 10’000 steps every day and so on.

A work meeting out of the ordinary

work meeting

To make the working day more interesting, change the location of the meeting once a week or once a month. It can be a walk, sitting in a park or in a cafe. This will help you break out of your usual routine, change your mood and possibly your level of interest and focus.

Every employee will look forward to it because it is a change from the regular routine. If the weather is warm and sunny outside, then this opportunity can not be missed. A joined picnic after the meeting sounds just wonderful.

Do good for a charity

charity activity

You can never have too many good deeds, and you may not be able to get yourself to join a charity for a long time already. So to involve your employers and colleagues is a good idea. That can also be an after work activity to do all together. And why not do good while you’re at it, right?

You can all go to an animal shelter together to walk the dogs or donate food, or donate items to another charity. For bonus karma points, you can make this a monthly tradition. Once again – it is refreshing to do something out of the office, out of the ordinary.

A quiz together

quiz together

Who doesn’t love a fun quiz? There are really many possibilities. Divide your team into groups or compete against each other individually. Create a schedule and take turns quizzing by coming up with your own topics or using quiz questions available on the web. 

There are many pages online where you can create your own quiz or use quizzes created by others. Since many work from home these days, websites and apps can be a good solution because all the content and resources are available digitally.

Cook together

After work activities with colleagues

Cooking together is a cute and friendly activity. It will be fun for those who can and those who can not cook. It is the process of everybody getting together and separating tasks to each person.  You can do it at someone’s house or in the office, if that is possible. The main thing is to agree on the food to be prepared and to assign each person the work to be done. 

In such a free and delicious atmosphere, a good time is guaranteed. You can combine the pleasant with the practical by discussing important work details or plans while cooking. To make this more interesting, you can draw small teams, each of which together make a certain component of the meal, which is also drawn.

So these are our favorite after work activities with colleagues to try out. Let us know which ones seem the most fun to your team.

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