ADP company culture

We have created a series of articles where we take a look at the work cultures in large companies. Now it’s time for ADP company culture. ADP, or Automatic Data Processing, is a global provider of human capital management.

One million people worldwide have became ADP customers over the years. Both big and small businesses depend on ADP as a crucial support. In 2018, ADP made it into the top 50 workplaces on Linkedin. Discover the company’s core values and how they have contributed to its development as a successful business.  

ADP company culture

ADP has defined several things that are important to their company. They are the following – integrity, inspiring innovation, service excellence, each person counts, results-driven, and social responsibility.


As ADP has stated– integrity is everything. Relationships that are based on honesty are highly valued. A lot of time is devoted to making the right decisions.

ADP is aware of the trust and reliance it receives from its customers, business partners and investors. They trust that ADP will act in accordance with regulations and law. Customers are provided with the highest level of data protection.

Inspiring innovation

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Something that this corporation values is constant innovation, new and improved ways for interacting with clients and assisting their business. ADP has established “Innovation Lab” where more than 100 employees work.

“Innovation Lab” is set up so that ideas are exchanged and it’s a good breeding ground for creativity and productivity. ADP has created an entire industry and is full of  determination to implement new ideas.

Service excellence

ADP deeply cares about providing the best possible service to its customers. ADP understands the impact of its customers. Successful collaboration with customers is what helps the business to expand, grow and progress.

ADP always thinks one step ahead. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why you’ll find ADP customers that have been cooperating with ADP for more than 25 years.

Each Person counts

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ADP cares about each client. And not just each client, but also each business partner, each interaction between ADP and clients. ADP values and respects the diversity of their cooperation partners, clients, and business partners.

At the same time, ADP does not forget about its own people: employees. A healthy work-life balance is encouraged – the majority of employees work 8 hours or less per day. 1,129 ADP employees have rated their leaders with an A+ rating. Employees also report being satisfied with their salaries and bonuses.

Results – driven

Another thing that ADP values highly is the results. Employees need to be focused and determined in order to achieve the desired results.

Employees are encouraged to be responsible and to take risks, while also being courageous. One shouldn’t be afraid of failures that happen from time to time – it’s a part of being successful.

Social responsibility

ADP strongly believes that one should not only take, but also give back. Employees are inspired and supported to volunteer in order to help and improve the society. ADP has developed programs that encourage people to engage in volunteering: sharing their time, knowledge and experience with others.

ADP believes that realizing the potential is the very foundation of their own company, as well as it’s a great investment in society and the global economy.

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